17 September 2010

38 weeks, 7 days

I've thought about writing a new post for a few days..but clearly have not done so.  At this point though, I'm pretty sure every time I post something on here, on Facebook, send a text message or call someone, people are expecting the exciting news that hey, I'm in labor or the baby is here.  Not the case, so just relax :) she'll get here when she's here, and not a minute sooner!

Nothing too exciting has been going on related to the pregnancy..Jesse and I DID find a new house to rent.  We've only been looking since..July or beginning of August.  And JUST now found one this week.  Of course.  The week before my due  We're pretty excited about it: it's a bit bigger, has a full finished basement and garage, plus a bigger yard for the dog, so we figured it'd work just fine.  We have access to it now, but told our landlord we probably won't be moving in until the beginning of October after Lily arrives.  But that gives us plenty of time to get over there, clean (because let's be honest, if I'm walking around barefoot in my house, I want to know that I personally cleaned the floors!), move our stuff and settle in before our lease is up where we are currently.

That's really about it..I've been rolling around on a yoga ball (which feels excellent) and bouncing down the stairs, trying to get Lily to get the hint, but clearly she will be as stubborn as her mama.  I'm sorry in advance, Jesse.  Zeke and I have been going on daily walks, and yesterday I walked twice AND did water aerobics.  Still nothing, but that's ok.  My midwife appointment yesterday went well..nothing exciting there either.  My cervix is "soft" but not dilated yet, but I hear soft is a good start, so I'll take it!

I'm pretty tired today..I got up at 645 this morning (not super early, but a lot earlier than normal!) and took Zeke for our walk at that time because I had to work 8-2 and the poor guy needed SOME sort exercise before sitting in his crate for awhile.  After I got home from work, he and I headed up to Morgantown for a vet appointment to check some things out.  He's doing fine, but the vet was kind of nervous about a few lumps/spots and things that have been around for a few months that I've been trying to keep an eye on.  Oh, and he has fleas..spectacular.  She gave me an oral pill for that for him as opposed to the topical ointment because she didn't think introducing a pesticide to the house a week before we had a baby was smart.  The whole point behind this paragraph was to say I'm tired today, sorry if my thoughts are all over the place, and today was my last day of work at the Y until further notice, and clearly that went well haha

Just a picture of my little boy I got from Jesse one day while I was at work..Zeke was quite passed out and comfortable.  And very much NOT allowed on the couch..

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  1. Thinking about you, sounds like you are doing great. The resting up is a good idea. You and Jesse will be really good parents, Lily is very lucky.