21 September 2010

39 weeks, 4 days

No baby yet, even though there were a couple of bets on today (sorry Em and Jen..unless she moves REALLY fast, it's not happening).  I tried really hard today though, and while I'm typing this, she's moving alllllllllllll over the place.  Probably compliments of Zeke deciding he wanted to say hi and whacking me in the belly with his giant paw (I was not amused).  Today, dog and I took our normal morning mile and a half walk, and I continued with the running (hah, ok, sad attempt at running) up the stairs and bouncing down.  Not only this, I decided (after a nap) that I had enough energy to be REALLY ridiculous, and did the first 3 steps of a Highland Fling.  The reason I did 3 instead of 4 was because I realized at the end of the 3rd step that I had set the music to a 6 step and there was NOO way I was doing 6 steps!  But honestly, I don't remember the last time I danced period.  It was fun though..still no baby.  Zeke wasn't so sure about the whole dancing thing..he kept trying to attack my feet (which you think would cause me to elevate more, but really, I could barely jump period).  This evening, I went to the Y to meet Betsy for a 10ish minute round on the ellipitcal machine before we jumped in the pool for water aerobics.  I'm going to sleep well tonight and wake up sore tomorrow, that is for sure!

I don't have another midwife appointment until Thursday, so we'll see what she has to say.  I'm ready for Lily to be here..for a multitude of reasons, but the top of the list today are (in no particular order): I want to be able to touch my toes again; I'd like to start jogging and doing some fun classes at the Y (like Zumba!); I want to stop eating so much!!!!!  (this one is driving me CRAZY recently..ugh, I just can't stop eating!); and obviously, I want to see Lily's face and hold her little hands. 

Hopefully not too much longer..!!  Think positive thoughts, people: 4 days at the MOST.

And now pictures :) after Zeke woke me up Saturday morning to let him out of his cage, he bolted upstairs and jumped in bed with Jesse.  I ignored them and had breakfast.  When I went upstairs an hour later, I find Zeke has taken over the bottom half of the bed, and Jesse is actually laying diagonally to make room.  Absolutely no room for me, so it's a REALLY good thing Zeke doesn't sleep with us and sleeps in his cage during the night!
And please pardon the evil/awkward grin I have in this picture (but please remember all the physical activity I did today), but Jesse took this for me tonight at almost 40 weeks.  ALMOST THERE!  I have noticed this week that I feel like my stride is off..I've managed to keep my balance with no problems, but I feel like I'm waddling this week and I'm walking much slower, even though it's not on purpose.  Still sleeping soundly through the nights (praise God!) but I will now admit that sitting has gotten uncomfortable.  There is just no good way to sit AND breathe at this point, so I must choose one or the other apparently.  I feel blessed that I am only now having discomfort though!

Hopefully I will have some exciting update soon!


  1. Amber- You are so adorable!! Tiff and I talk about your pics all the time! Can't wait for you guys to have your lil girl

  2. You have most certainly dropped!
    I'm hard core praying that she comes by thursday!
    You walk freakishly fast normally so maybe you're at regular pace for the rest of the world now!