29 October 2012

pumpkins, colds and torn things.

Just a quick update because I really should be working on other things.

Things are going pretty well over here, no real complaints.  We are getting our basement waterproofed (woohoo!) in a few weeks, in time for winter storms but not in time for this supposed "Frankenstorm" we are supposed to be seeing within the next day or two.  We are praying that we keep power and the water stays out!

Saturday was our annual pumpkin carving and soup eating with the Partin family and Julia.  Lily was much more interested in carving the pumpkins this year, but no more interested in sitting in one than she has been in previous years.  No shock there.  Emma was not a fan either.  Again, no surprise.

comparison of Lily not enjoying the pumpkins either
bffs in matching jams!
Jesse, Emma and my pumpkin's.
Lily's Happy Face pumpkin
We are now going to play a game.  I will list the members of my family, and you have to put them with the appropriate action.  I'm sure you will do great.
Players: Lily, Emma, Jesse, Amber, Zeke 
Action: teething, getting over a cold, ear infections, strangely needing to work late at work, taking extra vitamin C, torn knee ligament, exceptionally silly, hates onions.
Have your guess on who goes with what?  Here are the answers:
Lily: getting over a cold, exceptionally silly.
Emma: teething, getting over a cold, hates onions.
Jesse: strangely needing to work late at work.
Amber: taking extra vitamin C
Zeke: ear infections, torn knee ligament.
How well did you do? 

Yep, poor Zeke has a bum knee.  We finally made it to the vet today for the poor guy's limp and that is what we found out.  The vet gave him some anti-inflammatory medicine and said "6 weeks rest" and then laughed when I asked for tranquilizers as well.  Fortunately, we have the underground fence installed and began working with him today on it, so we have a good excuse to actually work on it more now, since we have to take him outside on leash and he isn't supposed to go run with the neighbor dogs.  Poor guy.  The beeping makes him twitch and when he got shocked, he yelped like a tiny dog.  We will see how quickly he picks it up, but I think it won't take him long.
The girls are doing ok, just fighting colds.  Poor Emma has had a rough few weeks, with teething, a cold, and trying to communicate to me what I can't eat because it doesn't sit in her stomach well.  She's a trooper though, and weighed in at 15 lbs, 10 oz at her 4 month appointment, and 26" long!  So if you listened to me panic about her not eating very well recently, the above should explain why: feeling sick, teeth, growth spurt!  

Jesse is still enjoying his job, and I jokingly say that he strangely has begun working late to stay away from sickies at home.  I'm just trying to keep myself healthy and have been semi-staying away from caffeine, so it's been an adventure.  We are doing well though!  More pictures soon, I have had a few requests for comparison pictures of what the girls look like, so I will be working on that for a future post.  
enjoying a last nice day outside
enjoying the bouncer
what's this!?

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate (good luck with the caffiene), love the pumpkin pictures but someone was not having fun! Sympathy for Zeke getting used to fence, will be good for him in the long run. Really loved the pictures at the end, Lily is really growing up and she is beautiful, Emma is really having fun in that bouncer, she is really getting wild! Love to all,