21 October 2012

fall photo shoots!

Here are a few of Emma's 4 month pictures. 

my photographer's assistant, stomping in the leaves.
love this little smirk she has.

 I have been talking to Jesse about all of us going down to our field and taking some family pictures for a few months now.  Today was a good, sunny day when we were actually all home to go down and take some pictures.  Jesse was a trooper and humored me, and I tried to make it quick.  But let's be honest, Jesse and I were the only ones who actually are capable of sitting still for such things.  Zeke's appearance in the pictures wasn't actually planned, but he was running around in our meadow, so we called, he came, and ended up in the pictures as a result.  I'm so glad he did!
testing for lighting.
When Emma is a little older, we will try again for a picture where she is looking at the camera.  But considering my camera was on a tripod, and no one was standing behind the camera trying to get the girls or Zeke's attention, I'm quite pleased.
AND, I loved this picture enough that I can now change my blog picture.  Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Love all the pictures but especially the family picture, it looks real and you all look great, very natural, plus I love that Zeke got in it too!