02 October 2012

thankful tuesday

Have you missed me?  I am still alive, promise. 

Today was a rougher day than usual: tiredness + colicky baby.  Ugh.  We all made it through today, and I was actually able to try and focus on the things I'm thankful for this week throughout the day.

I am thankful for: 

1. happy and healthy babies.  Even on the days where one is driving me nuts by repeating the same sentence over and over and over, and the other is colicky.  These days- like today- it is a tad bit harder to be thankful but I try and take a deep breath and thank God that He has given me these blessings. 

2. that silly 2 year old I have that annoys me with her talking some days.  She and I were working on enunciating the word "bottle" yesterday and she was doing very well in making sure the "t's" were heard and clear when I said "ok, one more time: bot-tle" and she responded with "good girl, Mommy." I almost drove off the road laughing. 

3. Emma.  Some days, there is absolutely nothing sweeter than the cuddle of a little baby.  I had a huge list of things to do last Friday and I chose to completely ignore it and have a good snuggle with my little girl while Lily napped.

4. family: Jesse and I had a great weekend with his parents/extended family at his cousin's baby shower.  

5. Jesse.  I was not in the best mood when he got home from work, and feeling slightly overwhelmed with the kiddos and everything else I was trying to do.  He didn't say a word about the chaos or why xyz wasn't done; just rolled up his sleeves and jumped in.  I am so thankful and fortunate for a best friend/husband/father for my girls like him.  Yesterday marked the anniversary of when we met at college, and I am so glad that God used our ridiculousness to let us meet.   

6. BONUS: my grandmother was in the hospital and I am incredibly thankful to report that she is at home resting and on the mend.

I really don't have any stories right now..we are plugging away, one day at a time, and enjoying life and the fall weather!  We have some minor plans for the rest of the week/end, so maybe I will have something noteworthy to report soon!
photo credit to Jesse on my FIL's phone: this is what Jesse, Dad H and Lily did while Mom H, Emma and I were at a baby shower!  apparently, Lily is a huge fan of tree stands!  I sense a future hunter!


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