12 November 2012

Homecoming and Little Girls

This past weekend was so. much. fun.  Team Hildebrand headed to Zanesville/Mt Vernon, Ohio so that Jesse and I could attend our college's homecoming events on Saturday.  Mom and Dad H agreed to let us stay with them, as well as to watch our girls for us so we could go enjoy the day with our friends, and we had a blast.  It was so great to see our best friends from college, reminisce, and for the wives to make fun of the husbands over their mass amounts of video games they played and their extreme lack of studying that took place.  Joel and Kimmy were there as well, and even though Jesse's class was graduated by the time Joel/Kimmy were even freshman, we were able to all prove that nothing had really changed in Mount Vernon, and Jesse and friends did the same things for fun and ate at the same favorite restaurants as Joel and Kimmy and their friends.  The basketball game was as much fun as basketball games ever were, except I actually sat in the bleachers instead of on the floor with soccer girls, and there were no Cougar Crazies.  Fellow MVNU alum, you read that right: no Cougar Crazies.  In fact, the student section was pretty lame.  After the game, we all went to get Mexican for dinner, where one of Jesse, Derek and Jared's  professors was able to meet us, as well as Aunt Shasta!  Tiffany and Lindsey were silly and got there before me and got trapped down at the boys end, but we got things rearranged and they came to join the fun/awesome end and left the guys (minus Joel, he opted for the awesome end of the table) to talk about computery things.  Fun was had by all, and as you can imagine, I took my camera and had it with me all day and didn't take a single picture.

And since Jesse and I left our kiddos with their grandparents, and Jared/Lindsey did the same with their girls, we asked the Hs if they minded some extra company and we were able to get together for a little bit so Jesse and I could meet their newest addition and they could meet ours.  Addiston and Lily had met once before when Addy was 10ish (?) months old and Lily was 7ish (I think), so it was fun to see them play together now.  
Lily and Addiston in '11 
Lindsey and I with our girls.
Emma (older) and Isabella, one month and 3 days age difference
so pretty! and Lindsey, she is NOT bald.
Addy was not so sure about Lily trying to help fix her pony.
Addiston (older) and Lily, 3 months and 13 days difference.

I was highly amused when looking at all the pictures I took to compare how similar the girls are the mommas.  You can look at the pictures and see it too, I'm sure: Addiston and Isabella are neatly dressed in outfits that actually went together, and then there are my girls.  Lily was wearing jeans and a tshirt with camo boots (that clashed with her pink and purple butterfly shirt) and Emma wasn't even wearing pants.  Ah, parenthood.

Thanks to my in laws for watching our munchkins so we could go spend time with our friends!  And friends, I'm so glad we got to hang out!  Thanks for making the drive!

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