16 October 2012

it's only Tuesday?

I am thankful for:

1. family.  The girls and I got to see several members this past weekend.  More on that in a few minutes.

2. optimism.

3. coffee.

4. the phrase, "this too shall pass."

5. my daughters.

As promised: This past weekend, Lily, Emma and I took off for Findlay, loaded down with junk food and bribes for Lily (worked great, judge appropriate amounts).  The trip went very smoothly, and we stopped in Zanesville for about an hour ish at "Gamma's" house where L fed the fish, played with Annie, and tried to get every single toy out she could.  We made pretty good time, thanks to my unbreakable rule of if both girls are asleep, don't stop.  Not always the best rule when I REALLY would like to stop, but we deal with it.

The weekend was a lot of fun.  I went up to Toledo for Nikki's baby shower on Sunday, and since I knew I would be visiting Findlay, I text Jess and Joel and informed them that they would also be in Findlay that weekend.  It was nice of them (and their spouses) to drive so we could all be together.  I had told Lily we were going to Poppo and Mimi's house, but not that her aunts and uncles would be coming too, so she was really excited when they arrived.  And even more excited when Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Joel brought their new kittens..I wish I had taken pictures of that, but is there anything more joyful than watching a 2 year old giggling and chasing kittens?  The shower was a lot of fun: I left Lily with the family while Emma and I headed to Toledo.  I loved seeing Nikki and two of  Jesse's aunts (hi Aunt Patty!), as well as SIL Erin and my niece!  I forgot how much fun 6 month olds are.  Emma and I sat at a table with the aunts, Erin/Kole and Nikki's bff and her mom who all made me laugh and helped me out by holding Emma so I could eat!  It was fabulous.  And even though I took my camera, you wouldn't be able to tell because I didn't take a single picture.  Boo.

As all weekends do, it ended too fast and the girls and I came home yesterday.  Nothing too exciting to report so far this week, just that our yearly lady bug infestation is back.  Ugh.  We bug bombed the house for those before we moved in, but we found out that you can't get rid of the pheromone they leave behind and other lady bugs can smell it up to a quarter of a mile away or something absurd like that.  So, we will probably get to deal with this every year until we get all the nooks and crannies sealed up in our house.  Ugh.  Disgusting.  We will be bug bombing again, probably this weekend, but Jesse wants to wait until the migration has passed so we don't have to bomb twice.  Wise, but gross.  Blech.

In other news, Lily is doing really well with potty training.  Not anywhere close to being fully ready to give up diapers, but she is interested (finally), so we are making progress.  She is talking, pretty much nonstop, and doing very well.  I miss the babbling, but it is so nice to be able to have a conversation with her and have her tell me what she wants or what the problem is.  Though, as any other parent would agree, I do sometimes wish there was a "mute" or "off" button.  On the way  home yesterday, with no prompting from me, she rattled off the numbers 1-10.  Except the fact that she forgot 3, she got them all in the right order.  I was so proud!
Emma is doing pretty well.  We have some sort of teething-growth spurt-colicky combo going on, which is fabulous.  Apparently, her poor little tummy can't handle onions or peppers, so I have been avoiding those and praying that those are the only two foods and not something major and harder to avoid like gluten and dairy.  So if you think of her, please pray that she outgrows it quickly!  Because she is the happiest little baby 80% of the time and then it becomes like unleashing Mr. Hyde.  Ok, not quite.  And God has given her the absolute best smile.  Lily always was a smiler, but Emma's blow Lily's away at this age.  We had a pretty rough night last night- she was up probably every hour- but when she was done sleeping and up for the morning and I had stumbled into the room, she saw me and her whole face lit up and she gave me the biggest, gummiest grin.  You can't stay grumpy at a face like that.

That's about it from here, I guess.  I tried to upload some pictures, but it isn't working for some reason, so I will deliver pictures soon!

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