26 March 2012

a baby shower and some gardening

Well, this past weekend went way too fast for all the driving we did, so our little family took a mental health day today and all stayed home from work.  I'm very grateful that Jesse and I both have jobs that are flexible enough that we can do this, so thank you to Jodi or whoever ended up covering for me this morning.

We headed to Zanesville Friday evening after dropping Zeke off at the kennel so that Jesse, Lily, Mom H and I could head out bright and early-- and by that I mean 5a!-- to go up to Michigan for Erin's baby shower.  Jesse and I realized that 7.5 hours is the longest we had ever asked Lily to be in the car at once so far, and really, she did fine.  I was tired and therefore had a much shorter temper and sense of humor about the whole thing than was necessary, but I'm still learning how to be a mom and how to travel with a kid, but let me tell ya, it is NOT the easiest thing I have ever done to keep her entertained for ~6 hours, especially since she didn't really want to nap.  
my niece's cake!  Koleen Echo Hildebrand xoxo
All that aside, I'm really glad that we were able to go to the shower and we could ride along with Mom.  We picked up Matt, headed to the church and Jesse and Matt went off to have some brotherly bonding time and look at guns and things while Mom, Lily and I went to the shower.  It was very nice, the food was delicious, and I got to see my SIL who is just an adorable little pregnant person, as well as a few members of Jesse's side of the family.  The few hours we all got to spend together was way too short for my taste, but I enjoyed what time we had.  Once Lily got over her grumpies, she had a blast running around the shower with two other little girls and playing with Nikki, who quickly reminded Lily of who she was and how awesome she is by sharing M&M's with her, and letting her get some drinks from the drinking fountain.  It was so much fun having the extra family there, because Lily was able to happily run from Aunt Patty, to Aunt Melony, to Jill, to Nikki, to Grandma, look around and find me, and then be off again.  

After the shower, we headed over to Springhill Camps where Matt and Erin both work for a quick tour.  Ironically enough, I went there when I was in high school with a friend's church group, so I remembered some of it, but they have definitely changed and added some things.  Jesse took charge of Lily so I could stretch my legs and walk around with Erin and Nikki while Erin went to check on a few things.  When we got to the zipline so she could check in with some of her staff, they asked if either Nikki or I would want to go.  Uhm, yes please!  No sooner was I getting in my harness and telling the girls NOT to mention this to Jesse because he would be jealous that I had gone off to play while he had to watch Lily than Jesse and the rest of the family drove by and saw us.  Oops.  The zipline was of course fun, even though I'm slightly petrified of heights.  I'm pretty glad that I'm not farther along in my pregnancy than I am because once I had finished zipping and was hanging at the end waiting for the staff to get me down, the harness started to put some pressure on my belly and I wasn't too big of a fan.  Fortunately, they got me down first, so it wasn't bad.  With a tummy any bigger, I don't think I would have gone, though.

Sidenote- I officially entered the third trimester today.  I am so unprepared for a newborn right now it isn't even funny, but what is funny is how little I care right now..I'm much more laid back about this whole pregnancy thing than I was with Lily, and I thought I was pretty laid back then.

When we had finished at Springhill, we went off to a tasty little BBQ joint for dinner.  Lily was still being decently pleasant, but was definitely starting to get tired and wasn't content sitting still any longer, so it made for a more trying meal than Jesse and I typically get with her when we go out to eat, but thankfully, Matt and Nikki sat at our booth and helped out a ton with her.  Lily was absolutely done when she smashed her forehead into the corner of the table..oops.
27ish and 38ish weeks
pregnant sisters!

Jesse and I headed all the way home yesterday from MI (9.5 hours, plus bathroom and food stops), so needless to say, we all slept well last night.  Lily got up at her normal time this morning, so she and I got some breakfast, bummed around then went to check Dick's Sporting Goods for a certain pair of running shoes I want [which they didn't have] before heading up to the kennel to get dog.  Even though it was about 2 hours earlier than nap time normally is, Lily fell asleep on the way home and slept almost 5 hours!  Hopefully she feels better and caught up on her rest!  Jesse had gone into town to get a ton dirt to try and level out the spot where we will be putting our garden.  He and I shoveled that out and began working on getting things level; we realized about half a ton in that we would be needing more.  We weren't too surprised by this, so he went off to get some more dirt and then we worked some more while Lily continued to nap.

shoveling dirt.  I helped, too, but then there was no one to take a picture, so just imagine it.
after we got the space mostly level, we looked and realized we had leveled it in the wrong spot.  so we had to move the whole thing.
bed 1.  also, see that field between our bed and the neighbors mess?  that's the neighbor's, but they said that if we wanted to, we could plant our garden there!  so we will also be tilling up a bit of that area and using it for the tomatoes, maybe some corn and I don't remember what else Jesse had decided would go there.  we're pretty excited about the extra space, though.
my clothesline, step 2: we decided it will go here-ish, just have to dig the hole.  Jesse wouldn't let me do that, but promised he would get it dug and the pole sunk this week.
load #2.  note the dog just chillin' in the way.  and also how low Jesse's truck is to the ground..

so, he went and got some peat to put in the beds.  as he threw the bag of peat on the ground, this sucker shot out.  ....?!? 
Speaking of our garden, the technique we are using is called "Square Foot Gardening," and you can check it out here.  We are going to be filling our beds with a mixture that is 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat and 1/3 vermiculite.  We mixed some of this up tonight to fill a bed and oh my.  If plants don't grow in it, I don't know what will because it is so light and fluffy.  Just need to keep Zeke out of it..
some of the components for our fill
more filling stuffs
helping Daddy

It was a great weekend, but I am so thankful that we could both take today off to be home since we were gone.

Oh, have I mentioned how much Lily loves reading now?  I wasn't really the new mom that would just sit and read stories with Lily when she was a newborn: we would read an occasional story, but it wasn't something that was her favorite.  I'm not really sure what changed, but almost overnight, she is now obsessed with books, and sitting quietly and patiently, listening to the whole story.  It makes my heart so happy and I love it.  Her favorite book is [of course] the Dr. Seuss ABC's book.  And by favorite, I mean to the point that THAT book is "book" and all others are ok but not the same.  I already have it memorized, and Jesse is well on his way [his favorite is "F" with the "four fluffy feathers on a Fiffer-Feffer-Feff"].  I have tried reading several other styles of books, but really, if it doesn't rhyme, she tends to shut the book and goes to get another one, so Dr. Seuss it is!  I have absolutely no problems with this, except that I don't have a very wide selection.  She LOVES the Cat in the Hat, though.  In fact, I found out that The Cat in the Hat Comes Back is one of Jesse's favorite's.  And I found this out because he was driving yesterday back to Zanesville and was listening to me read the Cat in the Hat and he missed his turn so we had to go on a detour.  The funny part is, we were in Findlay and he has driven that stretch and turned on that road countless times, he was just paying more attention to me reading than where he was, and was eagerly waiting for his favorite part of the book, which is unfortunately in the other Cat in the Hat.  Oh well, we made it safely to Zanesville and then back to our house.  

lemon tree buds
Sorry if this was a boring post, I'm kind of tired still, but I wanted to blog while I had time and share some of these wonderful pictures.  Speaking of pictures, I finally updated my picture blog.  Almost a month later.  So go check it out for lots of precious pictures of our precious little munchkin!

Last thing, seriously: I am realizing that my blog title is no longer accurate, as we no longer have fish, and that when we add Bob, it still won't be right.  So I am now taking suggestions on a new title.


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