22 March 2012

26 weeks, 3 days

So, I'm not sure if I get to play the First Time Mom and I Take Pictures of Everything card or the Are You Kidding Me, You Took a Picture of That card: feel free to judge appropriate amounts, because Jesse just did when he looked over my shoulder and saw I had documented this instead of dealing with the issue in a more timely fashion.  All that to say, Lily got her first bloody knee last night. 
immediately trying to take the band aid off.  she went straight into pants after this for an "out of sight, out of mind" situation.
Clearly, it was a small scrape, but I've fallen on concrete before and know that it just doesn't feel good, so I don't blame Lily for being upset at all.  She was running across our patio, wearing a nice garage-saled (yes, I did just make that a verb) pair of knock-off Crocs and she tripped and fell, skinning her knee.  I'd been mentally preparing myself for the first bloody spot I would have to handle with band aids, so I didn't panic or anything and tried to make light of it to her, walking over to show Daddy her first big girl boo-boo before going inside to take care of it.  She was pretty upset about it anyway.

Today was a great day, though pretty tiring for both Lily and me because we got up earlier than normal and played hard.  Waking up early was worth it, because it meant that we could meet Jen for coffee and breakfast at McDonald's before heading into work.  Really, it's a great start to any day when you can meet a friend for coffee: just kind of starts things off with a smile and some extra energy.  Unfortunately, the time we allotted ourselves to visit before we each had to go to work went way too quickly.  Fortunately, we will be doing it again soon!

After work, Lily and I ran home to grab some more diapers and Zeke before heading over to Partin's so I could watch the kids and Lily could play with them while Betsy saved a life and donated blood.  After Lily woke up from her power nap and got over her grumpiness of having not slept long enough, we went outside so they could enjoy the fresh air and I could take some pictures.  We were playing in the shade so I wasn't too impressed with how the lighting turned out, but it was fun anyway.


Lily cracks me up when she's playing with Logan, Kayla and Ethan: she doesn't realize she's smaller than they are, and whatever they are doing, SHE will obviously be needing to try.

after some muddy doggy kisses
I rarely take pictures in black and white.  I much prefer taking the picture in regular color and then changing it to black and white later because you can take the color out, but you can't put the color back in.  But, I figured I would play around with it a little bit on my camera anyway.  They turned out fine, nothing earth shattering, but I still think taking pictures in color and then having the option of color, b/w or even sepia is the better way to go.  Personal opinion, I don't know that much about photography, so my camera may take a better b/w picture and I just don't know the settings.  Ok, enough rambles.

not a great picture, but I had to add it because Zeke photo-bombed and has the most ridiculous expression I have ever seen.  I laughed for 5 minutes when I saw it, at least.
Lily and Socs playing
We came home and I was really hoping Lily would take at least an hour nap so she would be tolerable for the evening and I could get a few things done quickly before having to start dinner.  Turns out, she was able to relax enough on the way home without sleeping that she was ready to go when she got home and was super fun and in a great mood the rest of the night.  All in all, a great day.  See what starting your morning off right can do?
And now, since I was contemplating going to bed an hour ago, I shall be heading there.

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