14 March 2012

25 weeks, 2 days

What. gorgeous. weather.  ahhhhh...
The past two days have just been great.  More or less, the last week has been pretty decent, we've just had some colder days and some rainy days, but yesterday and today were THE perfect spring days.  You know, technically in winter still..My daffodils are popping blooms out and my tulips are threatening to.
Daddy showing Lily the pretty flowers
 Yesterday did not start off well..I got sick-- again-- on Sunday and had to take Monday off as well.  This is getting ridiculous, and I'm trying to figure out what I could possibly be eating that Bob doesn't like..but to add to the stomach bug fun, my body decided I also needed a cold.  Blah.  I moped around all yesterday morning because I didn't feel good and because Lily has been extra trying.  Scratch that: my mood has made her extra trying.  Poor kid doesn't know what's going on-- she's still working on teeth and Momma is grumpy and short tempered, which clearly affects her mood.  But, the day was saved after nap and snack time.  We went outside and played, Jesse came home absolutely bouncing off the walls because it was so gorgeous outside and he could FINALLY play with his power tools in HIS garage where he has SPACE.  We celebrated by taking a family trip to Lowe's so we could buy a few more things we need for the construction of our garden and stopped to get Shamrock Shakes (and a juice box for Munchkin) at McDonald's.  Because let's be honest, they only come once a year, why not splurge?  
possibly hard to see, but Jesse has used string and spray paint to map out where our beds will go
power tools! and the beginning of one of the beds
Today was great as well: the temperature hit 71F (what?!) and I had all the windows open while I cleaned and mopped my kitchen, straightened up before going outside to relax in the sun while Lily napped.  I was planning on reading, but ended up just vegging out for awhile and playing with Zeke.  It. was. glorious.  When Lily woke up, we went back outside to play before I had to start making dinner.  Jesse's I'm-free-finally-from-work-let-me-outside-so-I-can-play-too project tonight was starting our compost bins.  Since we have deer, dogs and other various animals that would love a nice compost pile, we will have to keep them covered, so we're using trash cans. 
playing with epoxy..on the bottom of a can
By the time 7p rolled around, Lily was starting to rub her eyes and I figured if she played as hard as she did, I could justify a bath then bed.  If this is the start of spring and summer nights to come, I'm excited: she played hard, had a blast, got dirty and came in smelling like sunshine and fresh air.  She has a plastic burn on her arm from going down the slide at the Y today-- but she didn't care, she wanted to slide again-- and a small cut on her chin from tripping going into the shed-- those tears didn't last long-- but all in all, I put a happy kid to bed tonight with little fuss.  Only slightly upset because I was stopping the outside adventures. 

excuse me.  when did my little girl become such a big girl? I love the pony tail, but it makes her look too grown up!
With the sunshine and nicer weather, Jesse and I have really been looking forward to getting our garden planted.  We are (read: Jesse is) making raised beds for our garden this year, so it's not going to be huge, but we're pumped anyway.  I will continue to post pictures of the development as they happen.  I think we're planning on planting bell peppers, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, carrots, various herbs (my project)..and I feel like there's something else, but I can't remember.  What are you planting in your garden?  Or, if you had a garden, what would you plant?  

Additionally in our garden, somewhere, we will be planting flowers.  My bff (and identical twin), Emily, sent out an email with a flower fundraiser.  One of Emily's dear friends (Cara) is going through her 3rd battle with cancer, and 50% of what is spent in flower purchases from this site goes towards Cara's Relay for Life Team.  Please keep Cara in your prayers, but also consider buying some flowers, because let's be honest, they're beautiful and going towards a great cause!  Except I was talking to my mom today and I realized that I would be responsible for making them look that pretty, they wouldn't just arrive at my doorstep looking that good to be planted.  I'm hoping I have a green thumb!  Go here if you are interested in checking said flowers out :)

One day, I will try and post a picture of how huge my stomach is getting.  I guess at just about 6 months of pregnancy, this makes sense.  Bob is doing fine, minus not liking something that I'm eating.  My next midwife appointment is going to be super fun: glucose test, ultrasound and check up.  Whoop whoop.  I'm measuring right where I should be, and the heartbeat sounds just dandy.  My dear Julia ratted herself and Betsy out the other day and told me that they had decided they were glad I was pregnant so that I would (I think this how they worded it) "get fat again."  It's nice to have such caring and sweet friends that will tell you exactly what they are thinking ;) fortunately for them, I found it hilarious and it didn't lead to an absolute hormonal meltdown.  I'm still amused by it, and while I'm not looking forward to looking like a whale, I am looking forward to what that look signals is coming!  One of the blogs that I follow had an interesting article about "Losing the Baby Weight" and I'm excited to be able to.  While I'm not going to be super paranoid or have unrealistic goals about wearing my smallest pair of jeans the day after I have Bob, I am looking forward to being able to exercise like I normally would again.  I miss running!  The best tip in the article, I think, is the "give it time."  It's not going to happen overnight, even if you have a super fast metabolism.

Sidenote, speaking of metabolism: Jesse and I have always joked that we hope our kids have his sweet tooth (or lack there of) and my metabolism.  Lily might at least be showing signs for favoring her dad's sweet tooth: a nice lady at Kroger's was handing out free samples of Oreo's for the 100th birthday and asked if she could give one to Lily.  I was fine with that as long as I got one too..and half way through her cookie, Lily handed the rest to me!  Absurd!  Who does that!?

I guess that's it for now!  I believe I am behind in posting some other pictures, but I will get to them, maybe tomorrow.  Jesse and I are finally getting to celebrate the anniversary/birthdays trip that we have been scheming of since our actual know, at the end of's now going to be more of a celebration for Jesse's birthday (which was in February..).  We are clearly good at celebrating at the time of the event.  But that's happening this weekend and I'm pumped!

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