19 October 2011


Hello :)

I know that I already posted about the race weekend, so I don't have to cover that in this post.  But I don't remember what all I need to catch you up on.  

Professional pictures from the race have been posted online, and honestly, I wasn't impressed.  I think it was probably my fault because of where I had my number..the totally awesome pictures of me probably couldn't be identified to me.  Lame.  And the one of me crossing the can see my top half in the lower corner.  There is a good one of Jess and me, but none of Jess, Dad and me, so I was kind of bummed.  We apparently didn't all look like we went together.  Oh well, next time!  But for the record, because no one will ever see this apparently, around mile 10, some photographer got an excellent picture of Dad and Jess laughing at me as I took a flying leap to pose for the camera.  My body screamed at me for the last 3.1 miles, but I'm sure it was worth it.
Jen and I went to get pedicures today.  This is officially the way I end all of my trainings and races.

House update: we're getting there.  We were hoping to get carpet this week so we could begin moving in and making our house look like a home.  This is not the case, as the carpet we wanted would take 10-13 working days..and then they weren't even available to install it until the middle of November.  what.  We told our landlady we'd be out Nov 7.  This was not acceptable, so we picked a different carpet that is in stock and should be able to be installed quicker.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Regardless, Jesse and I are moving (hopefully) a bunch of our stuff this weekend and will just put the essentials upstairs and probably most of it in the basement.  We have painted and prepped the floors for carpet and changed a few of the light fixtures/fans.  Additionally, we are plotting the various other personalizations we want to make to make this really ours.  
Painting was a really big deal to me.  In case you didn't know, Jesse and I will be married for 4 years this December.  And this will be our 5th move.  I know other people have moved more, but that's a lot for me.  And every place we've lived has had white walls.  While we've been "allowed" to paint..really..are we going to paint a place we're not planning on staying for at least a few years?  No.  And so, I kind of always have had in my mind that when we have a place that is OURS, I will paint and put color on the walls, indicating that this is ours.  We're not going anywhere, and we finally have a permanence.  Might not make sense, but that's why I'm very grateful Jesse was willing to let me paint a few rooms before we moved in.  

Lily.  My little crazy continues to impress me.  She's trying really hard with a few words-- this, wasthis, 'ffffff' (fish), Zzzzzz (Zeke and all dogs), kkkk (kitty), Momma, Dadda and according to Chanell and a few witnesses, dog.  We'll see, Chanell, we'll see.  My favorites are still the signing.  She correctly signs 'more,' 'please,' 'up,' and 'all done.'  We're working on 'drink' and 'thank you.'  I am loving this and I really  hope we can continue teaching it to her.  Ideally, I'd love to learn it myself so I can continue to teach her myself as she gets older..we'll see!  

That's all I can think of!  Check out my other blog for pictures because I don't have any special for this post.


  1. Sounds like things are going great for the whole family, congratulations on the house and the painting and Lily for such remarkable progress. Love to you all.

  2. Um hi. Perhaps I'm late to the party... but when did Lah lah start this speaking thing?