08 October 2011

and life goes on

Life continues to move along quickly and without even a second to catch my breath, it seems like.  I got a text from our Realtor on Tuesday asking if we were free on Friday to close.  YES PLEASE.  We only put an offer on our house back in July, had to extend the contract 3 times...YES.  You just name the time and place, we're there.  So, we are officially homeowners!  We're incredibly excited to finally have an end to our renting days in sight.  We spent the rest of our day yesterday going to Lowe's and perusing paint swatches, decorating ideas, strolling through the carpet and appliances sections..well.  Jesse did.  Lily and I walked all over, eating graham crackers and touching everything with an interesting texture.

We originally thought that we'd be moving into the Dark Ages when we bought this house: going back to the times of landlines, no cell service or internet.  Turns out, we'll have everything.  Landline, high speed internet, and through the excellence of technology (Jesse is still looking into this), it appears we'll be able to get some little something to boost our cell coverage through the internet, so we should have cell phone service.  Yay!  Other than that, we have one room all prepped for painting already, utilities are switched, we have someone scheduled to come measure for carpet...we're ready to move!  We'll be taking our time, over the course of the month, but we're ecstatic.  Everyone keeps saying "now the work begins" and "oh, home ownership, you have to do everything yourself."  True..but we've been renting since we got married and have had to rely on other people to fix our stuff or had to deal with landlords who didn't really care about things, so important issues didn't get resolved.  If there's a problem, we fix it.  It might be annoying, but we don't have to wait around and wait for someone else's schedule to work with ours.  We.are.over.renting.

I could go on and on about how excited we are, but I will refrain.  Just know that once we're moved in, everyone is invited to come stay with us.  This will be a lovely surprise for Jesse when he reads this update...hehe love you!  We'll even look into sharing a pair of overalls with you, because we'll be in the country!

In other news...Lily continues to amaze me.  As I was telling a friend, I didn't ever realize before we had her how quickly a personality develops or how smart they are!  She absolutely cracks me up.  Today was ridiculous, as per usual in my family.  It was loads of fun, tons of driving here, there and everywhere, but a highlight of the day: Lily was sitting in her seat while we waited in the car for Jesse at the gas station and she was fussing a bit.  Jesse had run in to grab us some teas and a pack of crackers for her and when I opened the crackers I did my usual, "what do you say, Lily?  Please?" and I turn around and she is perfectly and flawlessly signing "more" to me.  Fine, not please like I had asked, but I was so ecstatic I about gave her the whole pack.  She's been sort of signing some, but the "more" looks more like clapping, but it was perfect today, just like I showed her.  I taught her something and I couldn't believe that feeling.  I can't wait until I can teach her to read and tie her shoes..
Then, when we were at her house and I was wiping walls down for painting (where she also grabbed a rag and was "wiping" the walls down, too), she was walking around and I looked at her and said "Lily, go get your doll, bring it here" and she looked on the floor, looked at me, then toddled out of the room, returning a second later with her doll.  My little cookie is so smart.

Ok, enough boasting about my kid.  It's my blog though, and you chose to read it..

Betsy and I decided yesterday that we'd walk a 5k.  Because that's just no biggie with 5 kids between the two of us..obviously most of them are hers.
 The kids did great, and Kayla even got second in her age group!
As we were leaving, we passed the nice guy selling HUGE pumpkins, 3 for $15.  So Betsy bought a few..
With Logan carrying one, and both of us carrying babies, we were able to get all the pumpkins to the car in one trip.

Everything else is going great.  We're excited to move and have a place of our own.  The weird thing is, I just got off the phone with my cousin and he and his wife closed on their new home the same day we did!  So congratulations to you two!


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