30 October 2011

Updated! I don't have a creative title, so this is it.

Hi!  I'm not even sure where to being today.  I've been wanting to blog and everything for a few days and get caught up, but life continues to be busy, laundry remains undone and we are still in the process of moving.  Yay.  A week from tomorrow we officially will be out of this rental house and into our new house!  So if you want my new address, send me an email, private message on FB, text, call, snail mail...well, probably not that, it could get lost.  You get the idea.  

Everything at the house is coming along pretty well.  The painting is done.  We get carpet on Thursday-- wish it was already done, but at least we're getting it before we actually have to be moved out of here.  If our phone/internet people don't deliver tomorrow, they will be getting a very upset and potentially nasty phone call from me.  We ordered their services on 10/7.  And what is today and we still have nothing?  10/30.  If we had another option, we'd go with them, but this provider is the only one out there.  And incredibly unprofessional and disorganized in my opinion.  Anyway.  I will let you know if they deliver or I have to start yelling. 

As a sidenote-- BIG shout out to the friends of ours who have helped watch Lily while we move over the past few's been incredibly helpful knowing she's in good hands somewhere else and I won't be tripping over her as I carry boxes so big I can't see my toes and don't constantly have to be watching to make sure she's not in the street or smearing my freshly painted wall.  Especially the Chanell/Jodi/Sands Family team!  Lily has gone to soccer games, football games, played in mud puddles, eaten who knows what and been loved on like one of their own.  The other day when I picked Lily up, she didn't want to go!  She kept crying and wanting to go back to Chanell.  If it wasn't so funny, the momma bear in me might have started to cry that my little 13 month old didn't want to go home with me for the first time.  I even tried the whole tactic of picking up all our stuff, walking to the door and telling Lily "bye!!"  And she just happily waved from Chanell's arms.  Little jerk.  We ended up leaving with a kicking and crying little Lily.  Needless to say, the adults were all highly amused.  

I will one day post the daily pictures of Lily..maybe later today.  

She's doing well, though.  Neither of us are feeling the greatest, but that's ok.  She has a handful of teeth at least moving around if not coming through in her mouth, so she's been tired, cranky, snotty, coughing and all kinds of happily teething baby.  I just have a cold :/  lame.

But for now, pictures from our Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza!

Fi got a piece of the pumpkin and was content 
little goober eventually loved this.  once she realized she could chew on the pumpkin..thanks to Mom H for the inspiration on this pumpkin/kid idea!
Lily walked over and I thought it was sweet she was going to love on Fiona. 
then, we all realized that it was the bow she wanted

putting it in the pumpkin for safe keeping
Lily's turn!
 And for those of you who remember last poor kid is going to detest pumpkins forever.  Here she is exactly one month old...crying again.

Oh!  And I have my phone back, so for those of you texting/getting ahold of me on Jesse's phone, you can start using my number again.

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