30 June 2011

catching up

I didn't realize how long it had been since I really updated everyone on everything last.  Yikes.  Life has been moving quickly, I can tell ya that much!

Last weekend, we did a power trip to Findlay.  My Findlay Grandparents are moving out of their current home and into a new home at an absolutely wonderful retirement community.  This place is so awesome, I can't wait to go back and visit them there!  It has an ice cream parlor!  And many other nice and convenient things..anyway, we went to Findlay to get some things they gave us and to see their house one last time.  I'm sure going to miss it, but I'm really excited for them in their new apartment!

From Findlay, Jess, Jesse, Lily and I drove to the Ohio Scottish Games near Oberlin, Ohio.  Oh, the games.  It made my heart happy just being there, even if it was a bit chilly and we didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked.  We met Mom and Joel there (both were going to the Scottish Arts School as counselors following the games) and got to spend some time with them, wander the games, see some dance of the dance competition and visit with some dancing friends.  I hadn't really thought about how long I've known some of these people until I was explaining to Jesse who they were, but some that we ran into have watched me dance since I was 10.  Maybe one day they will get to see Lily dance :)
Anyway, it was great to see everyone, especially since I got to spend a week at that camp last year as a photographer and they all got to "meet" Lily when I was 6ish months pregnant.  We had to leave earlier than I wanted to, but we had a bit of a drive to get back to WV and didn't want to be pulling in at midnight.

for Mama
the guy giving a weapons demo gave the kids play swords and let them charge the British
In other news, Lily has 2 teeth (at least) all the way through.  Jesse claims he saw a third, but I haven't really gotten a good peak to know for certain.  And since Jesse didn't believe me when the first came through, I'm not sure we should take his word for it (he was expecting to see a full-sized tooth..not just a little white sliver of sharpness!).  Just kidding..kind of.  With this fun teething, she has also decided she needed an ear infection.  Fortunately, we had her 9 month check up on Monday, so we were able to get her an antibiotic quickly.  This round of amoxicillin is going so much better than the last time (when she had RSV) and she actually seems to like it.  No allergies so far, praise God!  The doc was kind of nervous about that since I'm allergic to penicillin (see, Mom?  I spelled it correctly for once!), but so far so good!

And last story I have: Jesse made black raspberry jam!  And oh man, it is quite tasty!  I was going to help, but by someone got excited and antsy and didn't want to wait for me..

Oh, just kidding, I do have one more story.  Just wanted to let everyone know we're looking at houses to buy.  Haven't decided on anything yet, and are still in the beginning stages, but just so no one is completely caught off guard whenever I announce we have a house, there ya go!  I'm not sure when we grew up and became adults..



  1. awesome about the house! are you looking in WV?

  2. oh jam hot hot..(spit)..we'll just call this my batch.