16 June 2011

the rest of the trip

Alright, I will try and fill you in on the rest of the awesome trip, since I know you were waiting with baited breath..

I forgot to mention in my last post that we also went white water rafting (more of a scenic float with some choppy spots, honestly) on one of the days.  I will post pictures when I get them from someone in my family (hint, hint), but it was super fun, even though it was cold and rainy out.

So.  On another day, we went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, which also has the Upper and Lower Falls.  Yay, more waterfalls :) again, because of snow, Lily and I didn't venture too far down into the canyon, and this time, Jesse, Jess and Mom stayed with us and we hiked around the top and got some pretty good views of the falls.  From here, we went to check out some of our favorite hot springs: The Black Dragon Cauldron.  When Team Pagano went to Yellowstone the first time, we lovingly nicknamed this one "Double Stinky Swamp" because it smelled so strongly and awfully of sulfur.  It still smelled horribly, but I didn't gag this time, as I seem to remember doing often last time.  Lily didn't seem too concerned by it.
GC of  Yellowstone
Thursday, we just hung out.  Mom got sick while we were there and she needed a day to relax, and I thought that Lily could use a day to relax as well (and me!) where she didn't have her naps in the car driving from one place to another.  It was a fabulous day, in my opinion.  We hung out, played games, walked around Gardiner..just took it easy.  Unfortunately, this was Jess and Richard's last day out there, as they had to fly out Friday for Richard to work Saturday.  Work is lame.  

Friday..while Dad and Uncle Mike (I think?) took Wayman's to the airport, Jesse, Joel, Kimmy, Lily and I went back to Old Faithful to wander around a bit more and to see some more hot springs.  Because who doesn't love seeing hot springs?  We also found a fabulous little bridge where we played Pooh Sticks.  
Old Faithful Inn
Pooh Stick Selection

While we were there, Jesse got the inside scoop on where the best place to check out the Grand Prismatic Spring is, so off we went.  I am so glad we did.  
Grand Prismatic Spring.
Saturday was our last day there.  Mom, Dad, Joel, Kimmy and my little family all headed to West  Yellowstone for some touristy things, and we stopped at the Artist Paintpots on the way back.  Lots of cleaning and packing when we got home before we crashed for the night to head home the next day.  

the perfect shop for them: sandwiches for  Joel, ice cream for Kimmy
at the Paintpots

That's roughly it!  I may think of other things I wish I had added, but it was incredible.  And as my mommy friends understand, coming back from vacation and a time zone change has been *super* fun this week with Lily trying to re-adjust.  Plus, she popped her first tooth out Monday!  So it's been a great week..

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