01 February 2011

So recently, I've been feeling that so much is going on and I just have all kinds of stories to update everyone on, and then when I sit down to share them, the thoughts go out the window or I get distracted and they are forgotten.  We'll see how this post goes; I'm guessing it will be scatter-brained.  

I've really been enjoying the past several weeks with Lily and watching her develop.  The first few weeks/months were exciting because I had a cute cuddly baby..but now it's more exciting/interesting/entertaining to watch her discover the world around her.  Within the past few weeks, she's started to reach out and grab for anything and everything, including faces.  She is fascinated by touching everyone's face, and unfortunately for some of my male friends, she loves facial hair and will pull it if she gets the chance.  
Lily and Zeke are also bonding more..he will lay down beside her, especially if she's crying, and let's her flail around and hit him on the head.  He also likes to lick her hands, which now makes her smile so big.  Now that she's developing enough to enjoy certain textures, she loves reaching for him to feel his fur, and he patiently lets her.  The only thing he doesn't like is when she kicks him while he is laying at her feet.  
The other thing I'm noticing more is that she is rolling from her stomach to back more often.  I may have mentioned this before, but Jesse also claims he saw her roll from her back to stomach a few weeks ago (I wasn't there, so we'll just have to take his word for it).  When she's on her back, she will roll onto her side to look at Zeke, but doesn't seem too interested in flopping over the rest of the way.  

This past weekend, we got to go to our friend Kayla's 5th birthday party at a..well, it was warehouse full of inflatable jumpy things, a climbing wall, putt-putt and other random things.  It was a lot of fun!

This is the wall where you would put on magnetic boots and gloves and stick to the wall.  Here, Lily is stuck to the wall and licking said wall..ew.
My turn!  They had big-kid sized boots and gloves :) I was awesome.  And yes, for those of you with a keen eye, I did get my hair cut.