24 January 2011


 Lily Bear is 4 months old today.  In my opinion, it's gone really fast, and I can't believe she's already 4 months.  In Jesse's words, "that's it?!"  And today, a lady looked at Lily and said, "so, I'm guessing...8 months?"  Close.  We've also gotten 9 months.  Really?  She can't even sit up on her own yet, but yes, 9 months is a good guess ::note- slight sarcasm:: I guess it's because she's so awesome.  Speaking of which, she's giving the sitting up a valiant effort :)

And, without further ado..4 month pictures!!  I was laughing during most of these, as taking pictures of her continues to become more of a challenge and more entertaining.

Jesse was the attention-getter and the dog-keeper-away-er.  And also, the guy panicking the photographer's ear with "don't let her eat the lily, it'll poison her!!!!"  We're a great team.  

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