23 February 2011

one more time..

Alright, today is seriously the 5th day I have tried to finish this blog post.  Actually, this is a new one, since the one I had been working on for the past 4 days is no longer relevant, and it has gotten to the point where a whole new post was/is necessary.  So here we are, hopefully for me to finish and post before I am needed elsewhere..

First off, we just found out today that Lily's 'cold' is really RSV :( which is no good.  Poor little girl..I was hoping she was getting better, but she started sounding so awful in the night.  It makes my heart sad to see her so miserable.  Please keep her in your prayers: she was upstairs whimpering in her sleep last night and pretty much breaking my heart that I can't help.  I ended up getting her up around 3 and we just cuddled in our recliner until 730 or so.  We both got some sleep then..

Lily got to hang out with her first for real babysitters last Thursday.  We asked our good friends, Jen and Chris, to watch  Lily for us so Jesse and I could go out for his birthday.  It was really relaxing for us, and I only text Jen for a few minutes to make sure Lily wasn't screaming herself silly.  When we went to pick Lily up, she and Jen were just as happy as could be, cuddling on their couch.

More recently, Lily has definitely gotten the hang of rolling.  She gets one wing trapped on occasion when she tries to roll from her back to her stomach, but she gets things pretty well figured out if she works on it.  I have been trying to get her to crawl, but nothing yet.  She has a pretty impressive 'mountain-climber' thing going on, where she is trying so hard to get up on her hands and knees, but we're not there yet.  Lily does pull herself around in circles, and roll all over the place to get to where she needs to go, so at least she's happy..

And, the other video is just not cooperating, so you'll have to wait until I can figure it out to see her roll the other way!

Other than that..not too much has been going on!  

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