14 January 2011

more swimming

Lily went swimming today for the first time ever!  And, as my friend Julia (aquatics director at the Y) would agree, she's a natural.  Julia and I 'borrowed' a swimsuit that fit Lily, got a swimming diaper, and away we went!
Little Mermaid!

I look kind of creepy..
Miss Jodi
She was very calm during the whole thing and really seemed to enjoy floating around (as much as a baby can at 3 months old?).  Lily seemed to naturally want to float..and since I don't know if babies float by themselves, we kept a hold of her just the same.  She was also fine floating on her back some, which apparently, older kids (like toddlers) aren't too fond of.  So go Lily!!

Aunt Julia
haha, Lily's face..
And yes, I dunked her.  Lily came up a little confused and trying to figure out what just happened while she tried to blink the water out of her eyes, but there were no tears!  We might have a future swimmer on our hands :) she was really quite adorable (as always), and by the end of our time in the pool, she was trying to kick her legs and splash with her hands.  

That's really about it..Mom and Dad H came to visit for the day and we really had a good visit with them.  They haven't really seen Lily too much since Thanksgiving, so I enjoyed getting to talk about Lily's new developments and how much she's growing/changing.  Sadly, I didn't take any pictures though :( 

Oh!  I probably didn't mention (did I?): Jesse gave himself a concussion Monday.  The reason I mention this is to pass on the information that he's doing much better and his head doesn't hurt as much now, so that's good.  And  yes, it's a good story.  We have a sloped ceiling in Lily's room and he walked into it.  And gave himself a concussion.  He's slick like that.


  1. i had a suit almost exactly like that as a youngster!

  2. Lily is awesome, as usual, hope Jesse is okay.