19 January 2011


I love the days that I am able to trick Lily into taking a longer nap.  Longer meaning a nap more than 30 minutes.  I feel so productive, and sometimes, can even get in a power nap myself.  I.  Love.  It.  I just wish she would take the hint and make them part of our daily routine, but I'll take what I can get.

She has been sleeping through the night for the most part..but waking up some nights around 3 or so for a feeding.  But getting up once in the night isn't a big deal in my book, so we roll with it :) We went to her 3-4 month check up on Monday, and she weighs 15 lbs, 6 oz now, and is 25" long!!  Lily is getting so big!  The nurse picked her up and made the comment that she is "solid" and I have to agree: I'm pretty sure I'm building up some awesome arm muscles carrying her around everywhere..and more often than not, her plus an armful of other stuff.  I'm getting pretty good at multi-tasking..

Anyway..what else.  She typically does really good with the babysitters I leave her with while I go work out at the Y.  This morning, I guess she didn't cry at all, so yay!  I've been enjoying my workouts, that's for sure.  It's really nice to get an hour or two of just "me" time (even if I have to be working out to get it!).  I've been switching it up between running (to get in shape for training for my half marathon..seems backwards), Tai Chi, fencing, swimming, and other aerobic classes at the Y depending on my schedule.  And for the record, as far as fencing goes, Jesse and I are taking fencing classes at the Y together, and basically, we're awesome.  Well, not really, but we're getting there.  He's better than I am, but we've both agreed that just because we like each other does not mean we'll take it easy on each other.  Thus, the bruises I have on my leg and rib cage where he stabbed me yesterday.  It's ok, I got him back.  I did tell him if I won all the matches last night he owed me ice cream..he won after I said that :/ I'll see about getting pictures of this at some point.

That's about it for now, and I have to go get ready for work.  Woohoo..I close tonight, which means Jesse will be on an adventure by himself in putting Lily down for the night!  Everyone say a prayer for him!

pretty sure I need to give up and admit she likes to suck on her fingers..

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