01 March 2014

eye catching title

Remember how we have a dog?  He's a good boy.  And protective of his girls.
Zeke and Lily
Emma and Zeke
Again..just look at that puppy face. 
Relaxing with Kaylee.
Silly old boy took the addition of Kaylee in stride: sniffed her a few times, gave me a "again?" look and went back to trying to get us to play tug of war.

In other news, everything is moving along.  Lily and Emma are handling the change fine, though they have added more tantrums and arguments between the two over toys and learning to share.  I think they are a) just at the right ages for these sorts of problems- since Lily sees all toys as hers and Emma has her own opinion on everything- and b) a little more high strung as we continue to adapt and adjust.  I'm always happy for the evenings and weekends when Jesse is home to help referee and teach Sharing 101. 

The weather has given us a few teaser, spring-like days that are getting us all antsy to get outside.  Jesse and I are eager to dig in the dirt and get the garden going, and the girls have just been cooped up enough and want/need fresh air.  I also am antsy to start running and working out again.  Jesse laughed when I asked if he knew of any adult soccer leagues close by and said "you do this after every talk about doing EVERYTHING active you can think of that you haven't been able to do."  I personally think the alternative of doing nothing and keeping all the baby weight isn't preferred and after I mentioned this, he agreed.  I'm trying to behave myself and haven't gone running yet- I ran 3 weeks post partum of Emma and while I felt ok, think it was too soon and it really hurt and I had issues- but I have started doing Pilate's again.  Just legs and arms, skipping most of the abdominal sections, but so far so good and I feel great!  Mostly just that I'm doing something and since it's low impact and all resistance stuff, I think it's ok.

And that's about it!  We had Kaylee's 2 week appointment last 3 weeks.  Close enough.  We got the schedule off a bit because of her extra visit with the whole jaundice thing.  But anyway, she is up to 10 lbs 10 oz as of last Tuesday, up a whole pound and 4 oz from her discharge weight, and grew an inch.  Everything looks great, according to our doctor.  Emma also had her 18 month appointment...2 months late.  Oops.  I forgot about that one, but in my defense, I was pregnant!  I don't remember how tall she is, but she's 27 pounds, my little tanker.  And just so she wouldn't be left out, Lily weighs 29 pounds.  I was surprised they weighed so close to the same thing, as Lily is a good bit taller than Emma, but everyone is healthy!  And still love going to the doctor, so that's good.  

Until next time!  And since Jesse made fun of my typos last time I blogged from my tablet, if there are typos and weird formatting, I'm blogging from a tablet, so that's why!

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