25 February 2014

Lily isms 15

"That happens if I'm not careful, I get colors on my feet!"
- she was coloring with markers and drew on herself.

"Emma, do you want to be a party pooper? Here, wear this party pooper hat. Mom! We're gonna be a party pooper."

"Momma, I don't think Kaylee is hungry, maybe she needs a snack?"

"Momma! I think Kaylee wants to play! Can she walk?"

Lily was playing with Zeke and had him by his collar.
"I got him, I got him!"
At which point, Zeke reached up with his paw and pushed her in the stomach, knocking her over.
"Whoooooa!!! HE GOT ME!!!!"

Lily was holding Kaylee up on her shoulder (as best she could):
"Momma! I made a burp come out of her!"

Me: Lily, would you like some grapes?
Lily: yes, but leave them on the tree stump!

Jesse: Emma, did you poop?
Lily: that happens. Sometimes, babies poop!

Lily was looking at animals on an app on my phone.
Lily: look, Daddy, this goat has a beak just like you did!
Jesse: ...a beard?
Lily: yes!

Me: Lily! Do not hit Emma!!!
Lily: I didn't hit her, I just punched her!

We got wings for dinner, and the girls and I were waiting in the car for Jesse.
"Here comes Daddy with our chicken flappers!!"

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