21 March 2014

Lily isms 16

Lily: well, Momma, who is your best friend, Kaylee or me?
Me: ...that is a loaded question.
Lily: well, I loaded it down! (how she says "downloaded")

"Are you kidding me?"

The neighbor's dog came to visit:
"that dog doesn't have a name, he's just a dog. His name is dog."

Lily: can we put our swimmin' suits on and swim in the water? (the creek)
Me: no, that water is nasty.
Lily: oh yes, it smells yucky, too.

Lily walked by as I was pumping this morning:
"Momma, why are you milking?"
-- I'm so thrilled she now sees me like the cows she's helped milk.

Holding Kaylee:
"Oh, Momma! She's squirming all over the place!"

Opened the bathroom door to help Lily.
"Momma, I closed the door for a reason.."
-- don't know where she heard that one..

"Will you teach me to pray?"

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