11 November 2013

Lily isms 8

"Don't worry about it, Mommy!"

Heard coming from the bathroom:
"Emma! I need to go potty! Can you please move??"

While investigating my teeth:
"Oh, these teeth are shark and these are sharker."
We apparently need to enunciate "sharp" better.

Driving in the car one morning, Lily was looking for the sun (all said in 3 year old giggles):
"Oh, there it is! It's hiding behind the clouds! And the trees! And houses! How silly, it's hiding behind EVERYTHING!"


Watching Jesse tie his tie one morning:
"Daddy, that's a nice white tie, it matches your shirt!"

"Momma!!! Emma had a bless you on me!!!!!!"
Translation: Emma sneezed on me.

We fought colds a few weeks ago and Lily woke up sounding bad:
"Momma, I have a terrible cough."

After spending the evening with our friends, where Lily helped the 14 year old milk the cows, Jesse and I commented on the way home that she smelled like a cow.
"Oh yes, I helped Paul milk Queenie and Buttercup, that's why I smell like a cow a little bit."

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  1. I hope you are saving all these delightful Lily isms for your book! Love to all, Aunt Patty