21 October 2013

Lily isms 7

As she is burying herself in the laundry to "hide":
"Ok, hang tight."

"Momma, you're a goof."

"Oh, that's so nice."

I had Lily feel the baby kick.  For the record, she wants a brother.
Lily: why was the baby moving?
Me: just wiggling! Your little brother or sister is getting ready to come out and wiggle and play with you!
Lily: oh! He'll need a skirt to spin with me and Emma!  But I don't have one for him yet.  I will hold him, all my by self.

Background: Jesse is growing a goatee on a trial basis.
Jesse and Lily were reading a story and Lily reached up and started pinching his facial hair.
Lily: what's this?
Jesse: it's a beard, do you like it?
Lily: no! Take it off!

Lily: why is it dark out?
Me: because it's night and the sun is setting.
Lily: oh, the sun is going to bed?
Me: ...yes.
Lily: oh, is he getting jams on?

Me: Lily, do you want socks so your toes won't be cold?
Lily: no, they can be cold all day long!

Me: come on, time to get dressed.
Lily: no! I want to wear jams all day long!

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  1. Your children are so lucky to have a memoir of their childhood in words and pictures and will get to see what a wonderful loving mother they have!