20 November 2013

Lily isms 9

Lily: Momma! Count!
Me: ok, why am I counting?
Lily: because I'm going to hide in the kitchen!
Me: *counts to 10* ready?
Lily: yes! Come find me, I'm hiding in the kitchen!!

Lily was helping me move laundry from the washer to the dryer:
Me: Lily, can you pick up the clothes we dropped on the floor?
Lily: no, I'm busy getting all these pajamas.

As she steals chips off my plate:
"Momma, I'm just sharing your chips."

A baby was crying at work.
"(Baby)! We don't want to listen to your bad attitude!"

"Oh, Momma. Playing at the Coleman's sure made me hungry."

Lily's stomach is growling:
"Oh, that's just my baby moving around."

She dropped an animal cracker on the floor. After staring at it, trying to decide what to do, she goes with,
"Don't worry about it, Momma." and walked away.

Both girls like climbing up on the back of the couch so they can see themselves in the mirror. Today, I told Lily to stay off and she asked why.
Me: I don't want you to break the couch. We can't buy a new one right now so this one has to last awhile.
Lily: but I have money in my purse in my room! We can buy a new couch with my money.
Side note, I have the best little girl ever.

Looking at pictures on my phone:
Lily: is this you Momma?
Me: does it look like me?
Lily: yes, see your funny face? That's you.
No, I was not making a funny face, just smiling.

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  1. Do you follow her around with a notebook? Love that you share the sweetness of your children.