13 November 2013

the best laid plans...

Every time I post, I think that THIS time, I'll be back before long with another thrilling (hah) update.  And then it's who knows how long before I do...and pictures.  The pictures on my computer are a huge and scary task that is overwhelming right now.  I think about how behind I am on organizing them and I want cry.  *sigh*  But unfortunately for you all, I tend to write most when inspiration strikes and I have time.  As a stay at home mom, this combo rarely occurs at the same moment.  I've actually been working on this post for about 2 weeks now.

Anyway, here I am, better late than never I suppose.

Nothing too thrilling has been happening.  Jesse and one of our neighbors built our chickens a fantastic run, which meant that we had somewhere to kick the chickens to while Jesse cleaned out their coop and got it ready for winter.  Speaking of chickens, I realized I never shared a tragic story.  The girls and I went down to take care of them one day and Emma was off wandering around outside the barn while I finished up, but I could see her through the window.  As I tried to rush and finish before she made a break up the hill for the road, I grabbed Lily, shut the coop door and took off.  Without latching it.  Jesse and Richard were fortunately the ones who went down the next day and saw the massacre, as I probably would have burst into tears.  It seems that something scared them in the night out of their coop and killed 4 of them.  We're blaming raccoon, but I'm skeptical.  It wasn't a coyote or hawk or anything predatory like that, as the chickens were still there, just dead, and raccoons apparently kill for fun, the nasty things.  We have had a live trap down there ever since and not caught anything, so who knows.  Regardless, our happy family of 8 chickens is down to 4, 3 of which would have been my suggestions to be knocked off...but the raccoon didn't take my opinion into account.

The other day when inspiration struck and I was feeling extra emotional about how fast the girls are growing, I wrote this: Today, I'm thankful for the moments I let myself stop the work and have fun with my girls.  It's hard sometimes to seize the moment as a mom and just stop in the middle of a task or take a break half way through the dishes for a tea party or a story.  But today, I'm supremely thankful I did when two incredibly giggly girls came running into the kitchen and Lily yelled "come tickle us, Momma!" before running off, Emma trying to keep up.  Jesse can attest to the fact most times, I say, "I'm almost done, I'll be there in a few minutes."  But tonight, I was able to let it go and go tickle my girls and listen to them giggle.  I'm also so thankful I can be a stay at home mom.  I saw online this past week something about how being a parent is more like flipping the paddles on a pinball machine and hoping for the best, as your child is more influenced by media, the times and their friends.  While I guess I understand to some extent, I don't agree.  I'm a stay at home mom.  Why can't I be the major influence on my kids?  And yet another perk of the fact we will be homeschooling the girls, and have been planning that since years before we had Lily.  Jesse and I can and do take a very active role in shaping and molding, why would I trust someone else to do that?  Have those parents SEEN what is on TV??  There is a reason we don't have a TV and why everything my girls do watch is carefully monitored.  I was reminded of that tonight and how even at 3, Jesse and I are shaping Lily when she reminded me I needed to change the lightbulb in her Minnie Mouse night light.  When I brought it back, she asked if it worked now and I said yes.  As I plugged it in and she saw that it did work, she quietly but excitedly said,"oh thank you, Momma, for getting a new light for my Minnie light." heart just melted.  Jesse and taught her that, not her friends, not what she's watching on TV, and certainly not the times in which she's being raised.

Pregnancy wise, I'm doing okay.  I'm tired.  But, let's be honest, I'm 28 weeks pregnant and chasing two little girls.  I guess I can understand why some parents spread out their kids a little more than 21 and 20 months apart, but I'm so glad our kids will be close in age.  I caught a nasty cold almost 2 weeks ago and I think I might finally be over it.  I blame sudden weather changes and riding four wheelers in the rain, haha oh the trials.  Anyway, that first week was exhaustion and miserable.  And really, the person that invents a cold medicine for pregnant women would make a killing, especially if it worked!!  As it was, I tried an apple cider vinegar and honey remedy and I feel it helped, but nothing is gonna work like all the medicine I CAN'T take.  This pregnancy has been absolutely different again than the other two, so to all you people who claim and believe the old wives tales about how your pregnancy can predict gender, I call shenanigans!!  While we don't know what we're having, this pregnancy is much more similar to my first with Lily.  I had one innocent lady say she knew her second was a boy because her first was easy (a girl) and her second was polar opposite (and a boy).  I laughed.  That's nice for her.  My first was super easy, second was hard and miserable and guess what: two girls!!!  We'll see what happens this time.  So far, the only difference we're noticing is how sensitive, emotional and hormonal I am.  Poor Jesse.  It's a good thing he's been through two pregnancies with me already and knows it's pregnancy related and I'm really not crazy.  When neither of us knew what to expect with my first pregnancy, and we thought morning sickness was a joke and we couldn't fathom why I was so exhausted and unmotivated (hah!), he may have thought I'd gone off the deep end.

The girls are doing well, busy as ever.  Nothing new to report here, that I can think of: they just continue to make me smile and laugh daily, and I try to remember through the hard times and difficult moments that it will pass.  Lily is an absolutely wonderful little girl who is hilarious, but of course there are times that she is a handful and we struggle.  Last night being an example.  I put dinner on the table, told her to hop up in her chair and as soon as her rear hit the chair, she pushed back her bowl of dinner and yelled, "I DON'T LIKE IT!!!"  Emma sat there inhaling, and there wasn't a single thing in dinner that Lily didn't like, but I'm sure Lily was just being 3 and tired.  I tried to get her to eat a few bites, and really just angered the beast and we proceeded to have a full on melt down at the table about not liking dinner- without even trying it- complete with tears and throwing herself on the floor. We were able to tag team parent and handle the tantrum, but we held our ground and she went to bed without dinner.  Jesse and I are definitely noticing that there has been an increase in meltdowns since she has stopped napping regularly, but I think it's just part of the transition?

Other than occasional tantrums, Lily is the best 3 year old ever.  She still loves to love on Emma, even as Emma becomes more opinionated and demanding of her own things.  I'm trying to encourage Lily to ask politely and kindly if she may play with one of whatever Emma is getting into, vs being bigger and more dexterous and just taking it.  Emma definitely has a strong opinion and while the girls may resemble their dad more than me, this one IS me, I'm sure.  Mom, I'm so sorry.  I'm kidding, but only partially.  Emma is a fully opinionated tornado and I will have my work cut out for me, but she is doing just fine.  She is learning that she's a ham and can make people laugh and will do all kinds of silly antics for friends and family to get them to smile and clap for her.  She isn't thrilled with talking yet still, but she does say "yes" and "no" as well as sign some.  If I'm really lost I ask her to show me and she runs off.  She definitely understands what we are saying the majority of the time.  Side note, babies/toddlers trying to master running is probably my favorite.  I'm not sure if it's universal, but my girls' arms go with the run, so they flap and look like they're trying to take off.

Jesse is doing well.  He's been working on the bunk beds and I'm so excited to see them done!  He says there is still quite a bit of finish work to do, such as sanding and staining, but they're starting to look like beds!!  Of course, he would have had them completely built the weekend he started if the girls and I weren't demanding of his attention and if other projects that need attention take priority.  They're getting there though, and I think he's having fun.

And other than that...I'm tired of working on this post, so you'll get it today as is.  I'll get to pictures maybe during nap time.

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