22 February 2012

quick update

I know you've all been waiting on baited breath for an update from me.  Good news: the wait is over. 

Jesse was gone on a business trip all last week, so Lily and I got to experience firsthand why I am not a single parent and why I have a loving spouse to help out.  It really wasn't all that bad, but I'm glad the business trips aren't more often.  Truth be told, we kind of had a boring week.  We went to the Y several times during the week so I could workout and get an hour break from chasing Lily and honestly, I was in bed by 9 most nights.  Of course, I was reading, crocheting or talking to Jesse on the phone for an hour or so after that, but why don't more activities take place in bed anyway?  It's so relaxing and comfortable..

Speaking of crocheting, that was my project I started last week.  I've been messing around and learning how to do a single, double crochet and taught myself how to do a "granny square," but I was getting bored with those, and felt it was time that I could follow a simple pattern and make something for real.  I was planning on just getting a 2 different colors of yarn, making some squares and then eventually piecing them together.  However, when I was perusing the yarn selection, I found a pound of yarn that had a simple pattern on the inside of the label for a baby afghan.  I felt this was a perfect start: a nice, big, crocheted square for Bob.  
what a pound of yarn looks like, for the curious
Jesse got home Friday, which was nice since it was his birthday, and I had a pineapple upside down cake waiting for his arrival.  Later that evening, Jesse's cousin's (Rick and Nikki) arrived for the weekend.  Nothing too exciting to report from our weekend, but it was so nice to just have a relaxing and fun weekend with them, and I'm so glad that it worked out they could visit.  We played lots of board games (Agricola, Dominion, Ticket to Ride and Ascension), the guys did some shooting (both sporting clays and archery) and did some hiking around our property, and Nikki and I vegged out, played with Lily, read and went to the first garage sale of the season (thanks for braving it with me, Nikki!, and for the tip, Jen!).  Sidenote, who has a garage sale in February!?  Regardless, I found a few things: some shirts/tops for Lily, as well as a pair of Nike tennis shoes ($1...who pays full price for kids shoes?!  I'm grateful someone does so I can buy them used!) and a couple onesies that will work out fine for Bob and a few more that will work out fine if Bob turns out to be a girl.  And if not, I found a few things for my niece, Kole ;) 

The weekend went way too fast, but it always does when you're having fun.  This week has been busy, and Lily has reached the grumpy point of getting a tooth or two, so hopefully those pop out soon.  Jesse has been working very hard on cleaning out our garage so he can use it in the spring for his workshop, and today, we moved our computers from the 3rd bedroom upstairs to the basement to make room for Bob's furniture in the room (and further clean out the garage).  Pictures of the progression should be happening, but now the camera and room are all the way upstairs and I'm understand. 

I will leave you with some pictures since this was a fairly boring post.
Nutella face
Daddy was explaining a new board game to Lily
just relaxing, doing some reading on Nikki's iPad
chillin' with Rick
I need to take more pictures.  That's really all there is to it.  And have more interesting stories for you.

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