29 February 2012

23 Weeks, 2 days

Well, let's see.  As (I think) I mentioned in my last post, we've been working hard to finish (finally) getting the garage unpacked.  People who have moved many times can commiserate, and I know I have no room to speak on moving as compared to some, but 5 times in 4 years?  That just seems a bit excessive to me.  Each time we have moved previously, I have had the house just about completely unpacked within the first month of living there.  And now, my list of excuses why we've lived here a few months and why I'm not done: 
I am working a consistent, 5 day a week schedule- previously when we've moved, I either haven't been working, or I've been working evenings.
I was pregnant and having a tough time with morning sickness, though very few people actually knew this at the time ;) 
I have a 1 year old- does this one REALLY need further explanation? 
It's been cold.  And I'm a fair-weather mover. 
We were able to unpack all the essentials before we actually "moved in"- if I have everything I NEED already unpacked..what's the rest of this stuff that we have?!  Do we really need it?  

I could go on, but I know you don't really care too much.  The bottom line is that I am excited to finally see the bottom of the floor in the garage.

As I began documenting the change of Bob's room into a nursery from a computer room, I realized that I never took you on a tour of my house.  So please be (excitedly) anticipating that sometime in the near future.  I'm kinda annoyed at myself for not taking a "before" picture of our 3rd bedroom when it housed the computers..not that it was anything special, it just will never be a computer room or spare room (or Spare 'oom...I know at least some of you will get that) again.  Or at LEAST for a long, long time..

Now to stories: 
Friday, I was awoken at 4a sick.  Quite sick.  It was awful.  I finally managed to go back to bed and when my alarm went off to get up for work, I quickly rolled out of bed to be sick some more and thought "work?  HAH.  No way would I survive.."  So I text my WONDERFUL coworker an SOS and she graciously said she would go into work for me so I could be just about dead to the world the rest of the day.  Jesse went to work, and Lily (oh so kindly) let me sleep in until 830-9.  The day was spent with me running to the bathroom and then back to try and keep her quietly entertained while I sat in a ball on the floor of her room.  I knew I was getting pretty dehydrated, and finally gave it up that I'm not a super mom (yet) when I had to literally crawl, because I lacked the strength and energy to walk, down the hall to get Lily up from her nap and I was too weak to even pick her up and carry her out to the living room.  For the people that know and love me, I don't know why I didn't call and ask you for help, I know I have a ton of people who would have come running.  I was apparently that far gone by this point.  Jesse came home early to take care of Lily (and me) so I could just relax and try and get some fluids ingested.  Fortunately, Saturday went much better.  In fact, Jesse and Mike were able to twist my arm and convince me to go see Star Wars Episode I in 3D with them.  It obviously took a ton of convincing..and for those of you who haven't seen it (but are Star Wars fans), the 3D is pathetic (of course), but how many times will you get to see it on the big screen?  Just go.
It ended up taking me until Monday to finally kick whatever bug I had and really start to feel better for real.  Yesterday and today have been MUCH better and I actually am feeling hydrated again.

Jesse's parents came over for the day on Sunday, and we just lounged around and relaxed.  It's nice to have such understanding family who don't mind if you're lazy and can't entertain, and don't expect it at all.  But of course, having a small child means that I rarely have to entertain anyway, since she is an act all by herself ;) 

That's about it..Jesse got Bob's furniture assembled, and I'm about 90% sure that Lily thinks the crib is for her.  But why would she think differently?  We are holding off on moving her to a "big girl" bed, probably until she's at least two, and we'll have to see then.  My big concern now is the fact she moves so much in her sleep (which, she gets honestly from her momma..).  And I think this picture should explain why I'm hesitant to remove any railings..

who knows where she'd go without the rails?
Nothing too exciting to report with Bob..s/he felt the need to move around just about the entire day when I was sick and felt like I was dying, so that was super nice.  And we had words, though I tried to remember to thank God on occasion for movement because I knew the baby was ok, even though I was struggling and so dehydrated.  Of course, the next thought in my prayer was, "but if you wouldn't mind holding off on the somersaults until I feel better.."


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