13 February 2012

21 weeks

I was looking through pictures and realized I'm a few weeks or so behind on sharing some with you people.  Ridiculous.  So to start, the Super Bowl: 

I'm really upset I couldn't adjust my camera settings quickly enough for these two.  Betsy had given Lily a spoon with something delicious on it (don't remember what it was) and Lily didn't want Fiona to be left out, so she went and shared her spoon with Fi.  I love that these two are already bffs.
Lily and Kayla
Fiona grabbed a fistful of something off Betsy's plate...again, I wasn't fast enough with my camera.  Small children move too fast and don't stop moving when you say "WAIT! Let me get my camera!"

This may have been before the Super Bowl..but Lily helped me make cookies.  She is quickly learning what my handheld mixer and my Kitchen Aid sound like..and that if she waits around long enough, I typically will give her a beater.  Of course, she just likes being in the kitchen when I cook/bake anyway, but that clearly helps.  When I'm cooking or baking for fun, and Lily is cooperative, I get out my little step stool for her to stand on and "help."  Normally this makes a huge mess, but I want her to know that being in the kitchen can be fun AND tasty.  So, for example, when I'm baking bread and kneading the bread dough, she is typically standing next to me trying to snitch pieces of the dough and if she can't get a pinch fast enough, she'll just grab fistfuls of flour and either try and eat it or just throw it down the front of herself and all over the floor.  Next, we will be working on how to clean up after ourselves...

And, the weather has been finicky.  But on one of the random nice days last week, we all went outside after her nap to play and run around.  She really enjoys chasing Zeke around the yard, and he thinks it's great fun.  I'm excited for her to grow up with him around and I know he's pretty excited that she wants to play all the time.  Except when he was napping earlier today and she went over and sat right next to his head and started pulling on his lips..
And then, we have Kayla's birthday party.  Jesse wasn't able to go with Lily and me this year, but she and I had fun anyway!
Lily, Uncle Trey and Fiona
 Please compare this picture to one from Kayla's birthday last year..

yeah.  look how little Lily was!  and Fiona was just a few days away from making her grand entrance!
Kayla stealing the candle off her cake

Aunt Betsy and Kayla taking Lily for a ride in the teacups
one more picture from last year because they're both so stinkin' cute..and Lily was so tiny!!  ahhhh, I'm in denial.


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