10 February 2012

and we're having a....

 SURPRISE!  Hah, you thought I caved and found out what we were having today, didn't you?

So did Jesse.

Because he stayed home sick one day this week, he didn't feel he could take a half day today to go to the ultrasound with me.  Stinks, but I understand.  And since I/we wasn't/weren't planning on finding out today, not as big of a deal.  However, I was a little concerned because I hadn't lined anyone up to watch Lily and I would be kind of a out of commission to chase Lily around the ultrasound room.  Fortunately, I was able to convince Julia to go with me to be my child wrangler.  She even changed a dirty diaper so that Lily didn't stink up the whole room!  Thanks, Julia!!!  I got home and Jesse said "did you find out what we're having?"  "no..."  "oh, I kinda thought you would."  I couldn't tell if that was disappointment or not.

Everything is looking good, and Bob is measuring right where s/he should be for 20ish weeks.  The doctor did say that they saw a "cystic structure" on the brain but that those typically go away.  I gave this group of doctors bonus points today because when I found out at the 20 week ultrasound with Lily that she had a spot on her heart, the doctors and midwives just said "oh, it could be anything, maybe Down syndrome.." and left it at that for me to panic over for a few more months.  My doctor today continued on to say that they go away, we'll repeat the ultrasound at 28 weeks and that they see a lot more of this now and he believed this to be because technology is improving and you can see a lot more of how the baby is developing now.  Bottom line, doctor's still are learning and don't know everything I guess, but if he's not worried about it, neither am I.

the tech only gave me two pictures!  I got at least 5 of them with Lily..kind of bummed, but I guess Bob wasn't too cooperative.

I have two stories to share, and I know I've already told them to some of you, so sorry for the repeat.  I recently showed Lily how to zip up her sleeper.  She has been working very hard on buttons, velcro and zippers, so I thought she'd love it.  As soon as she got it zipped up, with a huge smile on her face, my immediate thought was "oh...great, now I'll walk into her room in the morning to a naked baby."  After I got her ready for bed, I went to the bathroom real fast and didn't get the door shut all the way.   Next thing I know, Lily comes running in, throws her sleeper at me and takes off in her diaper, giggling, to hide behind the recliner in the living room.  What a goofball.  And of course, her daddy did what any daddy (or I) would have done and just watched the whole thing, laughing himself.  I don't blame him.

This morning, I heard her playing in her crib and went in to get her.  There she was, happy as a lark in just her diaper.  I'm glad she at least has left the diaper on so far..I don't want to think about the disaster that taking THAT off could cause..

Potty training is..going.  Slowly, but going.  She went a few times in the toilet right after we started and I was pumped and thought we were on our way.  Even if it was only once a day, I was ok with that.  Then we hit a 5 day span of nothing and I was pretty discouraged.  Jesse kept reminding me that she's still young, it's not a big deal and that she'll get it.  And then later that day, I got her on the toilet in time and I was pumped again.  Then a few more days of nothing.  I think part of the reason I was so bummed was because I had gone and gotten her her favorite snack (fruit snacks!) as a "reward" to try and help her out.  I even read labels to make sure I was getting the "healthy and natural" ones because I am not about to give her candy every time she goes.  I knew she'd be so thrilled when she got one (one piece..not the one whole packet) and then she wouldn't go!  I almost had to eat the whole box myself as a consolation. Tonight, though, she went twice in a row before bed!

I'm feeling pretty good.  I have waves of tiredness, but I guess that's to be expected.  A few people have gotten up enough courage to either ask me or coworkers if I was expecting, so I guess I'm passed the "is she pregnant, or has she just had a few too many bowls of ice cream?" stage and people are noticing.  I don't mind.  While texting SIL Erin the other day, she asked if the baby had started to move up under my ribs and camp out there.  I guess this is normal?  I've heard a lot of my friends and various moms I've met complain of toes in ribs and feeling like the baby would try and push out THROUGH the ribs...doesn't sound pleasant.  I never had that with Lily, and so far I am avoiding this with Bob, too.  The ultrasound tech today did keep commenting how Bob's face was buried so low.  Really, almost behind my hip bone on the right side.  Which is right where Lily camped out and had the hiccups.  All.  the.  time.  So annoying.  The highest I ever felt movement with Lily was when I was 7+ months along and she would wiggle her bum around, right below the bottom of my sternum.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry for you women who are short?  Haha, that sounds awful..but what I mean is, I have a long torso apparently, so there is plenty of room for the baby to go up and down before having to go straight out and without intruding my rib space.  Mom friends, is this true?  Did most of my (shorter than me) friends have a baby up under the ribs?  I'm not that tall, but I guess I'm more evenly proportioned in legs to torso ratio than some of my friends who are all legs..?

Meh, whatever.  Just something I've been mulling over.
sorry I look so awkward..20 weeks, 4 days


  1. short friend here saying that, yes, mine did camp under my ribs from about 20 weeks, and this one is already as far up as they can go!

    I envy your height!

  2. Picture=awkward? Not at all. It's definitely adorable.