14 January 2012

just some ramblings..

In keeping with my attempt to do better with my blogging (and avoid the dishes and laundry that needs done), I have some random thoughts for today: 

1. Teaching your almost 16 month old to eat with a spoon is messy business.  This is why God invented bibs, even though I haven't used one in several months (laziness on my part, and Lily hates them).  It can involve 3 spoons at a time, a dog to clean up the yogurt off the floor and a stack of napkins to clean up hands and faces of all those involved.  But she's getting pretty good.  Both with holding a spoon (in either hand, depending on her mood) and with picking up yogurt with her fingers and forgetting the spoon.

2. It's best to remember what you've done with your dog.  Especially if he's a short haired weenie of a Boxer who doesn't do best in the cold for extended periods of time.  Example: if you let him outside, it'd be best to remember he's out there before you go get in the shower, especially when there is a few inches of snow on the ground.  

3. When the whole family is sick, or recovering from sickness, it's ok for all members to lounge around in pajamas all day and eat whatever sounds good.  If it is ice cream for dinner, it's ice cream for dinner (ok, that was just me last night..).
4. It is also okay for the laundry from last week to still be half folded, half strewn across the floor.

5. Hot chocolate with whipped cream on top is always a good idea.  Even if you have to make two mugs because your sicky husband stole yours because that was the only thing that sounded good..

6. I am 16 weeks and 6 days pregnant with Bob (aka Baby Joel).  When I was about this far along with Lily, I ran the Go! St. Louis half marathon.  I'm glad I haven't been training for one this pregnancy.  Plus, it's cold and snowy out!  Not ideal for running.  And even though I really want to, I'm glad Jesse and Betsy said "NO, absolutely not" to running the Capital City Half (Columbus, OH) in know, at about 33 weeks pregnant..

I guess that's it for now :)


  1. Hope you all feel better soon, and that other stuff--you don't have to be sick for that to happen--it's called LIFE!

  2. It is also OK if the laundry remains on the floor and dishes remain undone until you have the energy and will power to do them. Even if that's when people come take care of you and they have the energy to do them.

    Also, Jesse looks somewhat gleeful in this picture. Are you sure he's not better and just pretending to still be sick?