28 January 2012

a good day

In true weekend and Lily fashion, she was ready to get up and begin the day a few hours before I would have chosen.  While I was already awake, this doesn't mean I felt it really time to get out of bed.

Since we were up, I figured we should eat. Partially because Lily kept going through the signs she knows best: all done, more and please until she remembered that she wasn't "all done" and just wanted "more, please" of some sort of food.  So I stumbled out to the kitchen with her and decided that we would have eggs and toast for breakfast.  Now, there are few foods she doesn't like.  Eggs would be one of them.  I have tried them in several different forms, and she just won't eat them.  But I thought today could be the day, so I went about making a pair of over-easy eggs while she started on eating a muffin.  Thinking I would be really awesome and impress my 16 month old, I figured I would forgo the spatula and just flip them in the skillet with the flip of the wrist trick.  Which I CAN do with omelets, and I knew I'd break the yolk but thought I'd give it a shot anyway.  I forgot I had two eggs in the skillet.  At least I tried this over the sink, because one of the yolks saw it as a chance to escape and jumped out of the perfect arc and down the drain.  And the other yolk broke, too.

And today was not the day that Lily would find that she enjoys eggs.

So a little while later, I decided that I was still hungry and wanted some coffee.  While we waited for my coffee to brew, I also decided a bowl of cereal would be pretty good, so I sat on the floor with Lily and shared my bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheats with her.  A few bites in, I began to reprimand myself about the sugar and how if I'm going to be sharing a cereal with her it should be something ridiculously healthy and probably cardboard tasting to set a good example.  And then I further decided that you know what?  Forget it.  I'm only going to have her as an only child for a few more months before she has to share me with a little brother or sister.  And as much as I hate to think it, I know there is going to come a point in only a few short years she won't want to sit on the kitchen floor and split a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheats with me, so I'm going to cherish these little moments as much as I can.  And if the moments that I will remember best are the ones where we're eating food that's not the healthiest?  I'll live.  When she's a teenager and dying to get out of the house-- aka the years between the wonderful time when I'm her rock, safety, and she has absolute trust in me with out question and the time when she grows up to be an adult and realizes that hey, Mom is pretty cool and knows what she's talking about-- I will be able to remember how we used to split a bowl of cereal on the floor when she was our only child and it was just the two of us awake while her daddy slept.  And if Jesse wants the same special memories with her over a bowl of ice cream, or chasing her up and down the hall to tickle her right before I was planning on putting her down for the night, no big deal.  Life will go on and we'll have some smiles to look back on.

Moving on..

After we finished the cereal and coffee, I decided it was high time Jesse was up because we had things to do today: pick up Bob's bedroom furniture!  YAY!  We weren't planning on already having this done, but a friend from the Y offered to sell us her daughter's bedroom set and we just couldn't turn down the deal she gave us!  So when we get around to it, Bob's room will be green, orange and yellow with dragon flies :) I'm really excited and have been scheming of how I want to paint and further decorate.  Jesse just keeps nodding and agreeing, and pointing out the parts that really are a bit ridiculous, so I'm looking forward to getting his/her room all set up.

While we were off galavanting, Chanell had bravely offered to take in Lily for the afternoon.  Since we were childless for a few hours, we celebrated by going up to the mall to get really unhealthy food for lunch before grocery shopping.  Don't say we don't know how to have a good time..hah

And because I promised that I would, yes, Lily really and truly DID say "dog" tonight.  Chanell told me she did this a few months ago, but I didn't quite believe her, since all dogs, cats and animals in general were "zzzz"...but yes, she did say dog tonight.  Happy, Chanell?  ;)

That's about it from here I guess!  I will post this picture of Lily..unfortunately it's a little blurry, but cute anyway.  She pulled Jesse's boots out of his closet and tried to put them on, so I had to help her out for the sake of photographic evidence.



  1. HA HA Yes Ma'am I am very happy... and I already miss lily! I love that little girl!

  2. Fantastic choice on the eggs over easy. I'm not as brave as you and used a spatula, like a lame lame.