12 January 2012

16weeks, 4days

Since I am hopefully going to be home for a few weeks now, I maybe will get my life caught up.  But, I'm not counting on it.

Last Thursday-- which doesn't seem like just a week ago-- Lily and I took off for CO for a wedding we were both in.  Dad H drove us to the airport where I met my parents.  And for those of you who haven't done it, walking to check in with a large tote/carry on, roller suitcase, umbrella stroller with a small child in it and a car seat can be done..but not something I would want to do every day.  Fortunately, Mom was going to the wedding with us, and she was a huge help.  I was actually able to enjoy myself, knowing that someone I trusted was keeping an eye on Lily.  And in hindsight, I guess I could have attempted everything by myself, but having an extra person to help entertain a 15 month old on the plane, and during the wedding and everything was incredibly helpful.  So thanks Mom!

The wedding itself was beautiful, and as I previously mentioned, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy myself, too.  The day was gorgeous and sunny, though a bit chilly for some of us.  Well, I'm sure everyone noticed the temperature, but they handled it much better than I did.  I'm apparently just a wimp-- and I'm sure the rest of the bridal party would agree with this statement-- and I blame living in Phoenix for this.  Mom has more pictures than what I was able to get of Lily, so when I get those I will try and share some, if she doesn't mind.

owning the airport

bachelorette party

camped out in front of the food.  typical.

cake topper

Mr and Mrs!

We left CO for Ohio on Sunday morning.  Dad H came and picked Lily and me up at the airport and we discussed how Grandma Brennan (my MIL's mom) was doing very poorly and it probably wouldn't be long before she passed away.  Monday morning, we received a text followed by a phone call that she had passed.  Grandma had lived a wonderfully full life and been battling several different health issues for several years so I believe we are all glad she is no longer suffering, though it is still hard for the family to lose a loved one.  Please keep Jesse's family in your prayers during this time.  I began making arrangements Monday for Jesse and me to head to Ohio again for the visitation and funeral and to spend time with family.  We left Tuesday after dropping Lily and Zeke off with the Partin's to watch for us overnight.  Not much can be said as far as funerals go, though it was so nice to see the love and support the family had during this difficult time.  The priest had some wonderful things to say about Grandma's life, and Aunt Melony read from a diary of sorts that Grandma had written.  I unfortunately didn't get to know Grandma before the health issues had started cropping up, so I enjoyed hearing more about her and the spunk she had when she was younger and healthier.

Unfortunately, I woke up Wednesday morning sick, so I was beyond miserable all day yesterday at the funeral.  I'm incredibly thankful Jesse and I shared a hotel room with Matt and Erin because Erin was a champ and helped me out after I had puked my guts into the toilet.  Jesse doesn't do so well with the puking.  Which he didn't get a choice on when I lost it in the car on the way to the was a pleasant day, to say the least.  

We carefully headed home after the funeral services were over and pit-stopped at the in-laws for a few hours so I could rest and Jesse could eat dinner with his parents before heading to pick up the kids from Betsy's.  We are incredibly grateful and impressed that Betsy (and Trey) was able to take care of 5 kids while she was also puking her guts out.  Super mom.  I told her I'm not there yet.  When I'm sick, I don't want to do anything and want to lay on the couch and let people take care of me, not have to worry about taking care of kids.  Ah, the joys of motherhood..Thanks Betsy!

Bob is doing fine.  I have definitely begun to feel him/her move now on occasion.  I've had to keep reminding myself up until now that all kids and pregnancies are different and not to expect the same things this time as when I was pregnant with Lily.  With her, I had smooth sailing and probably one of the easiest pregnancies ever.  Now, while I wouldn't say it's been difficult by any stretch, it hasn't been as pleasant.  First with the morning sickness, and secondly all of my joints have been randomly hurting like I'm an old lady or how I feel after a 8+ mile run.  Which I have NOT been doing recently.  While I felt Lily move at 12 weeks, I haven't been feeling too much movement from Bob, just a random occasional flutter I assumed was baby, but I felt a definite kick or somersault or something yesterday and some this morning.  And no, Bob is not going to be the name of our child, nor is it even an option for those who are concerned.  I had a midwife appointment today, and everything sounds fine apparently.  She was more concerned with my sickness and dehydration but let me go without a fuss when I promised I was drinking gallons of water.

Other than that... Jesse and I had discussed finally getting a chance to celebrate our anniversary next weekend, but we are so over traveling and having stuff going on that we'll probably postpone it for a few more weeks and try and get some stuff done around here.  Who knows, it's always an adventure with us...

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  1. It took me a minute to realize that when you say "Bob" you really mean "baby Joel." I understand the confusion, but I just wanted to clarify that we were on the same page.