27 December 2011

quick update

Hello again :) maybe I REALLY will do better about keeping this thing up in the new year.  Maybe my life will slow down a bit.  And maybe pigs will fly..

Things continue to move along here!  I don't really have too much to report right now..but felt like it was a good blogging evening.  Lily has 3 molars now-- 9 teeth total-- and is silly as ever.  She is understanding more of what I Sign to her, but isn't picking up on how to do some of the ones that require a bit more dexterity.  We're working on it still and still are having fun with it!  She's saying a few more words and trying to say others..her favorite is still "no" though.  Hooray.  

Christmas was of course wonderful.  We had a great time up in Ohio with my family, and I just wasn't ready for the weekend to end!  Jesse and I headed over early afternoon on Friday and left Monday.  The in-between time was spent laughing, playing games, making and eating a TON of food (of course), spending time talking, opening presents, and just enjoying being together.  Typically, Christmas with my family involves Team Pagano opening presents on Christmas Eve and going to a service that evening at our church.  Christmas morning is spent with Mama and Poppy.  This year, with Christmas being on a Sunday, Team Pagano went to church with the grandparents before we started out traditional day of festivities.  The service was really fun, I thought.  The pastor had encouraged families to come and not to feel bad if they were still wearing their pajamas and for the kids to bring a toy from that morning.  We sang some songs, pastor had a children's time-- Lily and I went up front with the other kiddos where she was more entertained by the golf ball the pastor used as an illustration and going up and down the steps-- and then a few more songs and we went home!  I really appreciated taking the time to focus on the real meaning behind Christmas this year, especially since it was on a Sunday.  

playing blocks with Uncle Richard
Christmas morning

since she was out of her routine, she didn't want to nap..until she went for a ride on the scooter.  out like a light!
Alrighty..that's all I have for now!  Hopefully back soon :) I updated my pictures, go check 'em out!

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