11 December 2011

Christmas Cards

Every year, I tell Jesse that some day, I want to be like all my big kid friends and send out Christmas cards. He smiles and nods and is obviously super supportive in my ideas, and probably breathes a sigh of relief when I say "maybe next year I will have something interesting to send out."  So to all of my super on top of it friends and family who send out cards regularly (including birthday, other holidays, and 'hey I'm thinking of you'), you are my inspirations and I want to be like you one day.  My one aunt is incredible at this (as are a lot of my friends), but she never fails to track me down no matter how many times I move or what's going on to let me know that they are thinking of me and my family (thanks, Aunt Toe!  One day, I'll send a card back..).

This year, I'm making progress, though.  Betsy text me and said "hey, come over and take Christmas card pictures with me and the kids."  I'm always game for that, so off we went.  I wasn't expecting pictures of Lily, or for her to cooperate at all, really, because why would she?  She's my kid after all..anyway, we had fun, Lily didn't cooperate-- but thoroughly enjoyed photo-bombing the pictures of the Partin kids-- and I got some super cute pictures of Betsy's kids anyway.  My little goober and I just need more practice with the staged pictures, apparently.

staying a safe distance away from all the picture-taking nonsense

Fiona was really upset, so Lily went and comforted her


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