05 December 2011

oh hello again

Clearly, I am excellent at keeping up with blogging recently.  But really, not a ton has been going on.  We continue to unpack (sort of..we kind of lost interest) and continue about our daily lives. 

Since last blogging-- this is slightly embarrassing-- we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Jesse's mom's side of the family.  It was the first time that everyone had been able to get together since the summer of 2010, and that's always a good time.  As an added bonus, Jesse, Lily and I got to spend a few days with Matt, Erin, Mom and Dad H.  We went to see some Christmas light show with everyone, and Jesse's favorite part of that was when he took Lily and showed her a nativity scene and told her the story of Jesus' birth.  She was fascinated and got upset when they walked away, so he took her back and told it to her again.  

This past weekend, Lily and I took a girls trip up to Findlay to see our friend that flew in from Alaska JUST to see us.  Ok, not really, she really came back to this side of the country for Thanksgiving..but whatever.  We were thrilled to see her and a handful of other friends.  The time went too fast for as much time as we spent in the car, but isn't that how it always is?  Since it was just the two of us, I left with the intention of her napping in the car.  Hah.  For reasons unknown to me, she decided to be difficult (probably gets that from her dad) and sleep only half an hour of the 5 hour drive there and then had a repeat performance on the way home.  Which was super because she has a cold and was just exhausted. She just wanted to tease me apparently and stay awake the whole time.  Poor little girl, she's been kind of miserable when she gets up and when she goes to bed, so hopefully we knock this cold out soon.  After we'd been in the car yesterday-- where she cried for the last hour because she was tired and just wanted to be held-- she went to bed early.  Or so we tried.  I was tired and crabby, and when I tried our normal bedtime routine, she wanted nothing to do with it and just cried and cried.  So we ended up rocking for a good while and she calmed down instantly as soon as I picked her up.  I then felt terrible, since I had asked her to just ride unhappily for at least an hour and then ignored the one thing she wanted: to be held for awhile.  We talked and I apologized and then we cuddled for 30 minutes while she quieted down and fell asleep on my chest.  Sometimes it takes something like that to remind me that she won't be small forever, and one day she'll be 16 (ugh) and not want me to rock her and hold her.

On a lighter note- sorry for my sentimental tangent- tonight, Jesse took Lily up to the tree and asked, "has Momma told you the story of the Christmas tree?"  To which Momma said ....what?  So he proceeded to tell her the story: Well, long ago when Jesus was born, he was born in a manager.  That's where they feed the animals in the barn.  There was probably a tree next to it, and so that is where we get the Christmas tree!
...this is why my kids don't need a made up story of Santa.  Daddy makes up his own stories that are way better.  

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