01 August 2011

yay camping!

Jess, Richard and Joel all came to visit this weekend.  We had a lot of fun and they had to leave too soon, but I'm really glad they were able to visit!  They arrived Friday, and we left to go on an overnight camping adventure shortly after Jesse got home from work.  As far as Jesse and I are concerned in the use of the word 'adventure,' and looking back on previous camping trips with my family growing up, this was rather tame on both counts, but an adventure nonetheless!

It started with me running around my house like a chicken missing it's head while I tried to gather all the things we'd need for the overnight.  We eventually made it out the door in one piece and only forgot a few minor details.  Like shutting the back door..oops.

We arrived at our camp site, made a fire, pitched some tents and started roasting some hot dogs over the fire.  This is where we remembered that I had forgotten any sort of condiment for said hot dogs, but life goes on and it's food, so we dealt with it.  Poor Joel was miserably sick with some sort of sinus infection/pink eye/laryngitis fun, so the ridiculous humidity and heat left him more miserable than he already was.  Oh, additionally, we got a spectacular storm over night: plenty of lightning and rain to go around.  Lily slept like a champ-- once she finally fell asleep WAY past her bed time-- and actually slept better on the floor of a tent than she did in her own crib in familiar surroundings.  Hmm..anyway, the dogs did great, and we all left dry and at least well fed.  Not rested or showered too much, but we took care of that when we got home.
how the dogs travelled to the camp site

that little yellowish dot in the middle is Lily enjoying being outside


our little site

s'more time!

lovin' the great outdoors

breakfast after a morning run

and not letting the s'mores go to waste!

how the dogs travelled home from camping

game time!

The rest of the weekend was filled with food, laundry, showers and board games.  My opinion is that it was wonderful and tons of fun.  Jesse and I are already scheming our next camping trip for the fall when it isn't so hot and humid out.  

Other than that..Lily is taking more and more steps.  She isn't too interested in letting go and just walking by herself, but if we can entice her and keep her interested, she'll take however many steps she can towards us and what she wants.  I don't think it'll be long before she realizes that she can run and then it's on.  And Lily's top teeth FINALLY came in: I had threatened to go in after them myself with a pair of pliers if they didn't show up soon, so I'm glad for her sake they did.

That's about it for now!  Nothing too exciting going on here..

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