19 August 2011

garage sale wins

Jesse was kind of judgmental of my finds today during Lily and my adventures out garage sale-ing.  But I don't care, I like what I found and they were all good deals.  Sorry Jesse ;)

cedar chest, 2 storm lanterns, basket of books, bag of clothes and kid rocking chair
I was pretty excited!  One lady doing a sale had a few tubs full of clothes from 2T-4T.  As she and I were chatting (I know her from the Y), I suggested that instead of me digging through the bin of 2T clothes trying to find only what I wanted, I would take the whole bin for $15, or whatever she thought was fair.  She went with it, and I ended up with 30+ pieces!  Score.  She has triplets (I think?), so there were some boys stuff thrown in there, but I'm not concerned, Lily can still wear it.  Except for the one pair of boys underwear I found, I will draw the line at that, even though they were Star Wars.  I didn't look through the bag too much-- figure I'll do that when I'm folding them with the laundry later-- but I did find this gem, which honestly, made the whole purchase worthwhile: 

comes with matching gloves!
I'm so excited for winter now and for Lily to wear this all the time.

Jesse was judging the cedar chest I found, but I talked the lady down $15, and I like it.  My original thought was to put it in our living room at the new house to act as a coffee table/blanket holder but Jesse vetoed that and said we could do that with the other hope chest I have, but that one is "too ugly" for living room display.  Hmph.

There is one that I'm hoping will be available for perusal tomorrow.  As I pulled up, the older gentleman running the show came over as I got out of the car and led me to the garage where the "sale" was.  I use the term loosely, because it looked like he'd been a pack rat for a few decades and just decided to open up his garage and say "make me a deal on what you see."  I was so overwhelmed!  American Pickers would have had a hay-day.  There was a ton of old furniture, I saw a China cabinet pushed in a corner, tools, carpeting, a few dog was weird.  He also told me that he had stuff in his house, but I didn't think it was a great idea to check that out alone.  I asked if he'd be around tomorrow, and he said he would, weather permitting.  So keep your fingers crossed for blue skies so Jesse can go check it out!  I did chuckle when I pulled in because it was two old guy sitting on their porch drinking beer.  At 10:30a.  But one of them was opening a can and I'm assuming that the carbonation got the better of him because it just spewed everywhere.  I live in a neat town.


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