26 August 2011

11 months.

I think I'm going to be in denial for the  next month that Lily is almost 1.  This just doesn't seem right.  I've been trying not to be awkward and reminisce about "this time last year, I was..." but I'm pretty sure I have.  And thankfully, Jesse and my friends put up with me.

I really wish she would cooperate and look at the camera..if I can talk him into it, I may get Jesse to come help get her attention and take some more pictures.  But still, I think she's cute, whether she looks at the camera or not.  And, obviously, Tigger had to make a cameo in these: one of her current favorites is to put her doll or stuffed animals on the rocking chair.  

I also recently made her a blanket.  I may have mentioned that when she's tired or falling asleep, she likes to pinch, scratch and claw at the back of your arm?  While this is of course endearing (ugh, not so much!), I decided it needed to stop, so I started making her a blanket with a satin edge.  Jesse can attest to the fact I got very frustrated working with satin ribbon and eventually had to change my game plan to conquer it, but I finally won:
trying to make a straight edge since the fabric cutting people at JoAnn's can't

ever try turning a satin corner?  don't.  either buy a blanket that already has the satin or just give your kid the spool of satin ribbon, you'll be a happier camper.
I love this blanket.  First, because I made it.  Second, because it has hippos on it.  Third, because I made it.  Lily seems to like it ok, but doesn't care one way or the other on too much and doesn't carry it around like Linus.  Which I was secretly hoping for, but that's ok.  

Other than that..Lily's been walking for about a week now.  Last weekend she really started to get the hang of it, and has been trying to walk more than crawl.  Everyone has been asking if she's been getting into everything, and really, she hasn't.  I'm not sure if it's because we never put stuff up out of her reach and so she just doesn't care, or she is more entertained by other things.  Yesterday, she did walk over to one of our end tables, pick up a can of pop that was half full and walk it over to me without dropping it.  I kind of was impressed..

That's it for now, I suppose.  I'll try and update more, Jesse informed me yesterday it had been too long since I updated last.  So here ya go, Jesse!  You better read it!


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  1. I'm not sure if the blanket is Lily-sized or Lily is blanket-sized. That last picture just makes her seem tall.