08 August 2011


I feel that a lot is going on in our lives.  However, when I finally find a few minutes to sit down and blog about all the goings-on, nothing comes to mind to tell about.  Blah.  I just feel kind of overwhelmed by life-- the everyday, boring things.  Shocking, I know.  But you know that feeling when you survey your house and realize all the cleaning you have to do that just never seems to get done?  That's where I am right now. Fortunately, I don't care at the moment, hah.

So yesterday, Jesse was supposed to work a few hours in the morning (8-12).  Since he figured he'd be free by 1p at the absolute latest, we made plans to go to the mall with friends so he could see a movie with the boys and Lily and I could walk around with the girls.  Additionally, since he was only supposed to be 4 hours, he didn't take anything to eat.  Lunch time came and went...and so did movie time.  He finally made it home around 7p, after not eating anything all day and being stuck at work well past his assumed finishing time.  He was not amused, but all survived.  During my day: Lily and I got up, did some things and she just seemed a little off.  Nothing to be concerned about, just not as awake and happy as normal in the mornings.  By the time we got to the farmer's market, she just seemed wiped out and was pretty much slouching as far as she could in her little stroller.  We walked back to the car with our purchases where she proceeded to throw up everywhere.  Oh, and of course it was raining.  So I stripped her down to a diaper, wiped her up with baby wipes as best I could and took off for home.  She was so tired and just drained that I put her in her crib when we arrived home and she slept for a few hours.  All was fine and dandy.

Until I went to the basement to get something and thought "uh-oh..the floor is damp.  Not.  Good."  Hoping it was somehow leaking from the washing machine (fixable), I quickly realized that our basement had water alllllll over it from the huge storm we'd had the night before (not fixable by me).  Ugh.  And since this all happened before I got to eat lunch, I figured that the water would be there by the time I was done, and went back upstairs and had some leftovers.  I prioritize well.  Long story short, nothing of ours was ruined (praise God), and our landlady is calling the insurance people to see about how bad the damage is.  In the meantime, we were able to borrow a shop vac from friend so we've been trying to mop up some of the water because it smells horrendous by now.

And that, has been my Sunday and Monday so far.  Lovely.

On a lighter note: Lily has 4 teeth now, and it looks like her gummies might be swollen to work on the next two in the top row, but that might take awhile.  She has also started to boycott the jarred baby foods, so we've been doing a lot more table foods and whatever Jesse and I are eating.  If any of you Mommy Friends out there have any suggestions for transitioning between jarred baby food and table food, I'm all ears!

I also began my half marathon training today.  Woohoo.  Why do I do this, again?  Anyway, my official stance and theory on running is this: if you're running up a hill, you can add a mile to your total distance. Same goes if you're pushing a stroller.  And since I did both in my run today, I'm pretty sure my 3 mile run was more of a 5 mile run.  You can dispute this if you did the same thing today, otherwise, I win.

And that is about it, I think.  I also updated the 365 pictures, so you should go check those out, too.

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  1. YAY for training! What 1/2 marathon are you training for? School started back up for me today, so I PROMISE, when I get a free moment, I'll give you a call to catch up! Might not be for a week or so, but it will happen!