10 November 2010

a walk in the park

Jesse, Lily and I went for a walk tonight at the local park to enjoy the fresh air and practice our picture taking skills.  And also to stretch out Jesse's leg muscle that he pulled in fencing class.  It was a nice day for sure, and I feel kind of bummed that we missed the really nice fall days and now, they are getting colder.  I mean, we had a few where it seemed to be perfect fall weather, but I had just had a baby and didn't want to go anywhere or do anything or we were moving.  Bad timing.

So anyway, pictures!

Lily and I are still trying to recover a schedule and routine from the weekend.  She barely napped yesterday- only catnaps- and was further thrown off by Daylight Savings.  Where before, she was waking up at 6a, she now wakes at 7a.  Which, I realize I shouldn't be complaining about, but it throws my morning off by not waking up as early.  Personally, I believe babies should sleep the same whether they're being held or are put down somewhere.  I mean, it makes sense: if I want to be able to cuddle my baby to sleep for a few hours, she should be ok with that as well as when I want to put her down so I can get some things done.  Apparently it does not work like this though.  Gr.  If I wrote the rules of life..

But, fortunately for me, she took a good nap this afternoon, and I was able to go grocery shopping and get some other errands done this morning.  Success and life points awarded to me.  We're getting the hang of this..oh, and one last life point to dish out to myself: I got to park in the "Stork Parking" at Wal-Mart today for the second time!  I used it once when I fell into the "expectant mother" category, and now as a "new mother," I can still park there!  But I did almost go yell at a lady who pulled into one of these parking spaces who was neither expecting (assuming..don't park there unless we can tell you're pregnant!) or a new mother.  Seriously..

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  1. um these are just precious. and you look so happy. and so peaceful. and in love with lily. i love it.