23 November 2010


With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I've been thinking a lot this week about the different things that I am thankful for.  Jesse and I were talking at the beginning of the week how I seem more "frustrated, stressed and grumpy" recently because I am still trying to adjust to a baby, dog and keeping a house clean and all of us fed.  Apparently I'm not handling it as well as I thought I was ;) Regardless, it got me thinking about how blessed I am, and how much I really have to be thankful for.

Because I'm thankful for so much and have so many blessings in my life, I'm going to skip the everyday ones and share some of the more recent ones I've realized.
I'm thankful for:
- Lily being such a good baby..even when yesterday she spit up on both of us and had a massively explosive diaper before 9am, and then peed on me later in the day..
- the fact Lily is now sleeping about 8 hours at a stretch in the night..and then letting me sleep for another two hours before actually getting up for the day.
- a warm, comfortable house that is almost completely unpacked
- the ability to spend holidays with family and to drive to see them and not have to fly
- being able to work out and run again!
- oh, and for working at/being a member of the Y where there is babysitting so I can work out and know someone is taking care of Lily.  And then take a shower that lasts longer than 5 minutes!!
- coffee.  Seriously.  Thank you, God, for coffee.  
- Jesse still having a job!
- being able to get things done during the day..even when my to-do list takes all week because Lily doesn't nap during the day, I feel so accomplished when I get it done.
- when Zeke cooperates..and isn't being a pain.  I am so thankful and grateful for these moments..
- the kennel that takes care of Dog so we don't have to worry about him while we're gone (and get a break!)

The list could seriously go on.  And on and on.  But you get the idea.

I'm really looking forward to heading to Zanesville tomorrow for Thanksgiving with Jesse's side of the family.  I'm sure I'll have pictures from that to post at some point.  I guess I should think about packing..oh, and we got family pictures taken over the weekend, so if you're not on Facebook, I'll post some of them at some point so you can see :)

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