14 November 2010


This week's I Heart Faces challenge was "Silhouette."

I really enjoyed this one because a) I learned how to take this type of picture in the first place, b) it got Jesse, Lily and me out on a lovely fall evening to take said pictures, and c) I learned how to properly spell "silhouette," which I am officially glad I don't have to spell every day.  I'm discovering I like to pretend I'm an artsy photographer, and even though my pictures aren't anywhere close to the caliber of the other photographers, I fortunately don't care and am having fun anyway!

Jesse and I had a disagreement about which one I should submit.  We have a very scientific way of how we determine who "gets" to be right and make the final decision (only on the small, insignificant matters): who got to choose last time?  And yes, this is how we named the baby: I chose the dog's name, so that meant he got to name Lily.  Because he chose this one, I get to choose next time :)

I learned some lessons on this challenge, the biggest being backdrop.  The view was fine to the naked eye, but the tree line kind of turned out to be a bummer in the actual picture.  Unfortunately, where we live, it's hard to find a hill where you can watch the sun setting without trees or random buildings in it.  I like it anyway, but it's something to keep in mind and work on for the next time!


  1. I LOVE this picture....and the tree just makes it. You could totally photoshop that out of the picture, but I would leave it. It really adds to the feel and the timing of the photo. It's fall and your image shows a daddy who has "fall"-en head over heals in love with his baby girl. It's perfect!

  2. I love the picture. I didn't even notice the tree line. I just saw and felt the love and it was very, very beautiful! Great job!