17 June 2010

25 weeks, 6 days

The appointment today went really well. My placenta is up where it's supposed to be and done being ridiculous, so I feel like now I don't need to be concerned about Lily randomly deciding to join the party too early and that she'll stay put until sometime at the end of September. And speaking of due dates, depending on who I see at the midwife clinic, I am due the 24th or 25th..meaning that I'm either 25.5 or 25.6 weeks. So if my numbers in the title randomly don't add up, that's why. And while I'm on that subject, maybe I should have had the title of this post be "The Appointment Where They are Confused."

When I left my last appointment, we scheduled for today as an ultrasound and then the 1-hour glucose test. I got there, they had me drink the orange drink, went and did the ultrasound, waited, got my blood drawn, and then was to meet with the midwife. When they came to get me to meet with Lisa (the midwife of the day), the head nurse asked if the front desk people had given me something to drink. I replied that they had and she got all concerned, saying "it's too early for that test!" So long story short, apparently you're not supposed get the glucose test until you're 28-29 weeks, which clearly, I am not. Scheduling mistake or something. Fortunately, I didn't have any problems drinking the stuff and needles don't really bother me, so when I go back in a few more weeks we'll just have a repeat performance. Go team.

But, according to Lisa, everything is looking good. My belly is measuring great and Lily's heart rate is great too. We joked about how she probably will be a soccer player because she kept kicking the microphone thing Lisa was using to measure the heartbeats. Lisa was a little concerned with how I've been feeling- which is absolutely fine- because I've only gained a whopping 6 lbs so far. Which I am absolutely fine with that, but I guess it's Lisa's job to worry for me, because I'm certainly not.

That's about all the excitement I have from here for now..I'm looking forward to next Saturday (the 26th) because one of my good friends is getting married and I'll be making a drive to Findlay for that. And from the wedding, my mom and I will be driving to Oberlin, OH for a week of Scottish Arts School where we will be counselors :) super excited. That week will be entertaining I'm sure, as my poor mom will get to deal with pregnant-Amber who will not be in air conditioning and be doing tons of walking. Should be a fabulous time!

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  1. Amber!! I didn't even know you were pregnant! Congrats my friend and God Bless you, Jesse, and little baby Lily!