05 June 2010

24 weeks, 1 day

Well Team, we are already at 24 weeks. Yikes.

The last midwife appointment went really well. We met with Jan and she said the heartbeat sounded perfect, and my belly was measuring perfectly also (this was the first time they measured how big I was getting). I also got the joy of scheduling for an appointment in 2 weeks for my 1-hr glucose test. Woo.hoo. I also will be getting another ultrasound then..this one is specifically to check and see how my placenta is doing. But Jan assured me that the echognic focus is nothing to be concerned about. Whew.

In other news, Jesse went garage saling with Jenn and Chris this morning and came back with some awesome finds. He found an umbrella stroller (pink camo, Aunt Lynn!) and a changing pad, plus several bags of clothes for our little girl. Probably 25% was for the 1-2 yr age range, but for garage sale prices, who cares? I took some pictures of my favorite things he found..

Jesse modeling the stroller..

the. most precious shoes.

Possibly my favorite outfit yet..
I mean, it's Classic Pooh!

24 weeks!
Well, I guess that's enough pictures for now :)
and I dunno why they are all over the place hah


  1. you have POPPED even from the baby shower!!! ahh!!

  2. Love you guys! We had fun helping Jesse shop for Baby, cant wait to spoil her, not rotten though, just extra ripe, lol.

  3. I love all the clothes and the camo stroller, I especially like the Classic Pooh outfit. The best picture is pregnant you smiling! Hope you are feeling fine.