19 April 2010

17 weeks, 2 days

Well. Jesse and I are home for a few weeks now!! HOORAY!
I love that we've been able to see so much of our family over the past three weekends, but it has definitely taken a toll on us. And the housework that needs to be done..and poor Zeke.
it was pretty chilly for a few days last week, so Zeke bundled up on one of the few days we had him home and not at the kennel..

This past weekend (well, Thursday-Sunday) we were traveling to and from MI to help Matt and Erin move with the help of the H Parentals. It's always great when the 6 of us can all get together because it has happened so rarely with Jesse and me living in AZ for a bit and then Matt and Erin being 7ish hours away. By the time Jesse and I arrived, the actual moving business was done, so we got to help some with the home improvements (which is much more fun as far as I'm concerned).
Helping paint and do things around their house made me really excited for when Jesse and I will have our own house to do with what we please. Having rented for the past 3 years with all white walls and unable to do anything to make it really "ours" gets kind of old in my opinion.

Matt and Erin bought Baby Squirt his/her first onesie:
Even though Erin is a huge Lion's fan and this must have just been sheer torture to buy, apparently our baby will be supporting his/her dad's (losing) team in style. Jesse and I really enjoyed sitting with the BIL and SIL going through fun parts of "What to Expect When You're Expecting"..and by "fun parts" I mean "Wow Amber, did you know this? Glad it's happening to you and not me.." Lovely. I've decided I'm not worried about the pregnancy/delivering part: I AM concerned with the being the parent part.

That's about it from here! We find out what we're having in 15 days! So incredibly excited..Squirt continues to wiggle around some, but nothing Jesse can feel yet. On the ride home I'm pretty sure I felt a small kick, but it only happened once, so I'm still waiting for something that makes me sit up and go "JESSE GET IN HERE!!!!" And finally, Squirt can hear what we're saying at this point apparently, so I have my parents copy of the original Winnie the Pooh for us to read together :)


  1. Since I've never been prego before, how do you know that baby Joel can hear you? Like...I imagine that you've read about it, but did the doctors say how?

  2. Probably with ears Joel.

    And go Browns.