06 April 2010

15 weeks, 3 days

I have a midwife appointment in a few hours, but beyond the feelings of flutters in my tummy I don't have much to report. I have a list of questions for my midwife and topics for discussion, so I hope she's ready. Questions/discussion topics include the RhoGAM shot, 20 week ultrasound, getting up to date information on what's going on with me for my trip to St. Louis this weekend, and unfortunately don't remember the rest right now, so I hope I remember before my appointment is over!

Other then that, PICTURE TIME! Yay! Jesse, Squirt and I went to Findlay last weekend for Easter and had a blast.

And yesterday, Jesse and I went to Lowe's and purchased things needed for our first "garden"-- you should prepare yourselves to be amazed.

ha, okay so we don't have enough yard to have an actual garden, but we're growing lettuce and tomatoes in the pots and I'm super excited about having some fresh lettuce this summer so I can have a salad whenever I want.

Just some different shots of things in the yard..The one with the cars is actually me trying to show you the random placement of the tulips?! Who plants flowers in the middle of the yard? Regardless, I'm excited for them to bloom.

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  1. If you and Jesse both have the same Rh type blood you can get out of the RhoGam shot! Jared and I are both negative, so I didn't have to get it :) Yeah for avoiding needles!