07 April 2010

15 weeks, 4 days

Some people have asked me how the midwife appointment went yesterday. I suppose I shouldn't have left everyone with a cliff hanger, eh?

The appointment went well though..heartbeat is sounding strong which always calms me. I have absolutely zero reason to worry, but since I'm not showing a ton yet or feeling much beyond flutters I get paranoid that something has happened to little Squirt in there, especially with me running and not keeping my heart rate where I should. Plus, the last month I have been experiencing pains in my stomach when I run or do other physical activities- talked to the midwife and she just explained that those were tendons stretching. Whew. We all knew I already was paranoid, but being responsible for growing someone and being the sole protector of a baby right now makes me more so. Awesome. Watch out bad guys, you won't stand a chance. All in all, the heartbeat sounds good, my uterus is apparently a good size- should I have been concerned?- and they are happy I stopped losing weight so I can run my half marathon this weekend!! Which..I would have done anyway, just not told them. No wonder they don't like me ;)

Jesse and I were able to talk to Rhonda (who we met with) about her views on the RhoGAM shot. Several things we found online- which yes, we know you can find anything online but we knew nothing so we did research- stated that it's only good for 3 days after a potential mixing of my blood and the babies and that most doctor's places recommend it at 28 weeks. Our question was why? What's the magical 28 week thing? Rhonda seemed to think that the shot would cover from 28 weeks through delivery (contrary to what we read, but she probably knows more then we do) and that the shot is not as important for the first baby as the following ones. Not sure what we're going to do, but definitely after s/he is born, I'll get the shot depending on if s/he is positive or negative (PLEASE BE NEGATIVE LITTLE SQUIRT). Not sure what we're going to do yet, but I'm not as anti-shot at 28 weeks as I was, so we'll see.

Also, we'll be finding out at the next visit (05/04) if we're having a pink or blue baby!!! SO excited. I don't know when they were originally going to do that ultrasound, but I asked if they could move it up because of a baby shower that is being thrown for us right after 20 weeks. But I'm ecstatic :)

Which means Jesse and I will have to decide on a name. We have a list of 6ish names to go from..
Wyatt- Jesse's pick. And since I got to name the dog, Jesse will get this as his pick if we have a boy. I'm fine with that, I like this name, but his middle name will NOT be "Earp" which Jesse keeps trying for *face palm*
Logan and Jacob were my picks for a boy. Jacob was a long shot because Jesse knew I'd call him "Jake" and he detests shortened versions of longer names. "We named him Jacob, call him Jacob" would be his argument. I don't know why he doesn't like Logan, but I'll save that name for the next one when it's my turn to pick ;)

Lily Anne- this is my #1 pick for sure if Squirt is a girl. Anne was my great-grandmother's name, and I would love to have that in there. However, we both really like Madison, so I think if it's a girl we might have to wait until we meet her to decide on a name. But I would only want our daughter's name to be Lily if she has blonde or red hair. I just don't see a brunette Lily when I think of her, so we'll see. Also on the list for a girl is Autumn. We had one more I thought but it is definitely evading one of those three it is! I really wanted Ava Marie but Jesse put a vetoed that faster then any other name :( I was really bummed..

That's it for now! Sorry I got long winded.


  1. i LOVE logan :) and lily anne is very pretty!! i do like all of them though :)