25 February 2015

Lily isms 30

Lily: oh, Noah, you made my hair a disasticker!
-- note, this is the baby doll Noah, not our cousin Noah.

Emma: no snow, don't melt! Don't leave my boot!!

Emma: thanks, you're the best Lily ever.

Lily: can we build a snowman when it's done snowing?
Me: we will need to see what kind of snow it is, but we can try!
Emma: it's white snow!
- sassy pants is sounding more like me every day.

Lily: how does God put our skin together?
Me: I'm not really sure how to answer that one..
Lily: oh, well I'll ask him when I go to heaven.
Emma: how you go to heaven?
Lily: we'll go in an airplane!
Emma: to God's house?
Lily: God doesn't have a house.
Emma: where does he live?
Lily: he just lives outside!
Emma: oh but he will be cold!

Emma: why do you keep bless you-ing?

After I spilled Kaylee's food:
Emma: that was your fault, Momma. But that's ok.

Emma: Lily took one of my germs and I can't hiccup anymore!!

[Jesse and I take the girls to the bathroom after they've been asleep a few hours, typically around 1030. we are finding this is a great time for some hilarious dialogue. all these happened during bathroom runs]

I had wrapped Emma in her blanket so she wouldn't get cold:
Emma: no, this is bad, this is bad!
Me: what is? What's wrong?
Emma: this!! This is curious! This is curious!
*flails around to get the blanket off*
Emma: this is silly.

Lily started crying during one run:
Jesse: what's wrong?
Lily: I'm not getting any rest!
Jesse: you aren't getting any rest?
Lily: what's rest?

Emma: I love yourself.
Me: I love you too, can you go potty for me?
Emma: yes, and I want some sketti.
Me: you want spaghetti?
Emma: yes, that'd be good.


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